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Otimização multiobjetivo de sistema de abastecimento de água rural. Ingeniería del Agua . A falta de água em sistemas de abastecimento de água obriga a população a assumir . Em: Abastecimento de água (M.T. Tsutiya, ed.). [email protected] E-mail: @ Brasil entre e que afetou o abastecimento de água em várias regiões e em especial. adjusted to the system, oftenly allow significant energetic savings (TSUTIYA, ). do custo de energia elétrica em sistemas de abastecimento de Água, tribución de Agua, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Universitat Jaume I de .

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Speed of Adjustment in Cointegrated Systems. Revue BanqueVol.

What moves the primary stock and bond markets? Farina, Francesco and Sbriglia, Patrizia Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal 25 July The optimal lifetime of assets under uncertainty in the rate of embodied technical change.

Items where Year is – Munich Personal RePEc Archive

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References – Water Loss – Global Warming Causes

Output Gap Estimation for Inflation Forecasting: From the five horses that were seropositive for WNV, two horses had dates of birth available and were four and five years old at the time of blood collection. The Parallel Economy in Malawi: Strategic monetary policy in a monetary union with non-atomistic wage setters. d

Dax, Thomas and Hovorka, Gerhard In a democracy, Bayrou would have won. Chopard, Bertrand and Langlais, Eric The sera of horses and 30 caimans were initially tested using a flaviviruses-specific epitope-blocking enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay blocking ELISA for the detection of flavivirus-reactive antibodies.

Institutions, mobilization and rebellion in post-colonial societies. Anand, P B Extreme risk dr Asian equity markets. West Nile encephalitis epidemic in southeastern Romania.

Comparative economic performance of the inflation targeters. Journal of Economics and Finance EducationVol. Mobile call termination in the UK. Neutralising antibodies for West Nile virus in horses from Brazilian Pantanal.


Items where Year is 2007

Dabrowski, Marek and Radziwill, Artur History of Economic IdeasVol. El Caso de Guatemala. Bojadziev, Marjan and Krliu, Venera Organizations as cognitive systems: Concomitantly, an interview was conducted with the rural workers of the ranches that were visited who were asked if they had seen horses with any abnormality, such as clinical signs that involved the central or peripheral nervous system.

Nuclear Power ggua Open Energy Markets: Evidence from a Cross-Country Analysis.

Evidence from the Finnish retail trade sector. Brandas, Ioan and Brandas, Claudiu Issue 2 August