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Underlying the creation of the Syntopicon is the conviction that the books in this Once it was decided to create an idea index, no alternative indexing style was. The xi xii THE GREAT IDEAS various uses of the Syntopicon, described in Section III of this Preface, all derive from its primary purpose to serve as a guide to the. Pages including Index the Great Ideas, two volumes in a set entitled Great Books of the Western World. • These ideas were derived Syntopicon, second edition, to accompany the second edition of the Great Books, written in. and .

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These topics serve synotpicon headings for other topics grouped analytically under them. To the extent it succeeds, it reveals the unity and continuity of the west. The reasons for this are explained in the book The Great Conversation.

Mortimer Jerome Adler was an American educator, philosopher, and popular author. It indicated the extent to which single issues can become multifaceted and thus be treated in different contexts.

Adler tells in detail of the contents of the set and the significance of the Syntopicon; 3 Cocktails.

In the end, he produced two volumes, which listed the Great Ideas of the western world, from Angel to World. The most direct approach is to go directly to the Inventory of Terms. In the end, the Syntopicon would require overman-hours of reading [4] and cost over two million dollars. Dec 16, Ron Banister rated it really liked grat.


A Syntopicon: An Index to The Great Ideas – Wikipedia

In these two volumes there are nearly 3, topics iveas out among ideas. There was, in other words, no attempt on the part of the editors to predigest or simplify the information available in this set.

I’m a big fan of being in an elite club, being a consummate elitist, myself – and not many clubs exist in the world today more elite than the “People Who Have Read the Syntopicon” Club, and it feels good to be in it at least half-way. Sam Klein rated it liked it Nov 07, As the grsat of editorial planning for the iddas edition of Britannica fromhe was instrumental in the major reorganization of knowledge embodied in that edition.

The Syntopicon consists of three main parts: The second group lists works by other authors. It would do for ideas what previous reference books had done for words and facts.

The Great Ideas: A Syntopicon of Great Books of the Western World, Volume I

He was also an advocate of economic democracy and wrote an influential preface to Louis Kelso’s The Capitalist Manifesto. Pcgowan rated it liked it Dec 10, Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. There we find references by volume, author, and page numbers.

None of the ideas stands as an isolated, self-contained entity. I have no interest in the academic audience at all. I’m probably one of a very few people who has sat and read the Synopticon from front to back. Once it was decided to syntkpicon an idea index, no alternative indexing style was possible.


The general theory of the state. He dropped out of school at age 14 to become a copy boy for the New York Sun, with the ultimate aspiration to become a journalist.

University of Chicago Press.

Many interrelationships exist between them: Chicago Daily News 20 Apr. Adler was often aided in his thinking and writing by Arthur Rubin, an old friend from his Columbia undergraduate days. By relating the topics of one chapter to those of other chapters, the Cross-References show the interconnection of the ideas.

Tia Gonzales rated it it was amazing Jul 18, Because all of the ideas have been included in the list, the Inventory of Terms is also quite useful for expanding the research possibilities for each of the ideas.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Life and Death 4. Adler Editor in chief. See 1 question about The Great Ideas…. Familiarity with the whole outline will assure that the researcher is using the right topic within the correct idea. The term “syntopicon” means a collection of topics. He attempted to rectify the omission with Six Great Ideas: