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Simple Story, A, by Mrs. Inchbald. ‘A Simple Story’ was written, as the preface to the first edition tells us, under the impulse of necessity in It is divided into. A Simple Story by the actress, playwright and novelist Elizabeth Inchbald has remained enduringly popular and almost continuously in print since its first. A Simple Story. Elizabeth INCHBALD ( – ). The story could really have been simple: Miss Milner, who is admired for her beauty and.

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That bullshit makes it interesting because it does a really good job at exposing the issues of the era but it did have me rolling my eyes more than a few times. Quotes from A Simple Story. Even if it was a bit predictable, it was great fun and never lagged, and the characters, if a little unrealistic were less one-dimensional than they could have atory.

A Simple Story by Elizabeth Inchbald

The novel started off rather delightfully, but after pages or so I wearied of the no-plot-but-love-plot. Unlike her mother, she distrusts her ability to create her own happiness and relies on her elders and betters to choose for her.

She comes to ruin, of course. Which is not to say that they are bad, it’s just that this is just so different.

I was impressed by how real the characters were, how close I felt to them and the action, despite the lack of description or extensive narration, both of which I had expected the former is used heavily by Heyer, and the latter can be found in Edgeworth and Burney, contemporaries of Austen and Inchbald.

The latter half of the novel, which deals with the heroine of the first half’s daughter, is very different, but the force of sexuality from dimple first half of t This is an amazing novel. Despite the use of a similar pattern, the two halves differ for the presence of two very dissimilar women playing a leading role in the development of the action.

Matilda accepts very eagerly this new perspective of life, which she thinks will get her closer to her father.

The second part of the book volume III and volume IV is the sequel of the story of this recently formed family nucleus. After having consulted with Sandford, Dorriforth makes the decision to send his ward to the countryside for the summer.

One character’s persistent self-sabotage was hard to read, but realistic. Another character’s implacability and resentment called to mind Mr Darcy, whose “good opinion, once lost, is lost forever” – yet th This was such a surprise! Views Read Edit View history. The presence of two such different characters, both rewarded with the fulfilment of their aim and the consequent achievement of happiness, leads to the reader’s confusion over what the message of the novel should be, about which ideology and way of life, represented by a living character, is proposed as suitable and which one is proposed as shameful.


Loved the last volume where all ends happily. Indeed, we do not even know most of their forenames; despite these characters living in the same house for many years and, we are told, on the fondest terms still they refer to each other as Miss Milner and Miss Woodley! The second half was so different from the first half — as if a sentimental novel can’t produce happiness, but a gothic one can. As we can see, the two halves are very symmetrical on what concerns the symbolic plot: I used to adore this style, simply for the fact that Austen was all I’d ever read in terms of classics; I ignorantly assumed all writers from the broad terms “classics” wrote in this way and if I found fault with it, I must be stupid.

After some kidnapping, a few ‘accidental’ run in with Matilda and other plot devices they end up married and Matilda’s relationship with her father is restored.

The first edition is slightly more melodramatic than subsequent editions, it seems, but I think it worked in this novel. The only thing which makes her upset and jealous is the presence of Harry Rushbrook, to whom all the paternal love is addressed. By demonstrating that the two protagonists have both sstory able to overturn patriarchal injunctions and realize their own project in different ways, she just intends to give to both stories a romance conclusion, to stpry both her heroines with an happy-ending.

Analysis of elizabeth Inchbald’s A Simple Story.

The prose itself is quite simple and not anything outstanding, but the crafting of this book is so well done. The title A Simple Story amused me, because this novel is so much more than that. Feb 12, Vi Walker rated it it was ok.

My edition is only pages, but it read like However, any analysis which proposes A Simple Story merely to be the failing of Miss Milner’s education compared to the success of Matilda’s, would produce not only superficial but also misleading results. Like other women writers of her time, Elizabeth Inchbald concentrates on storj question of a woman’s “proper education,” and her sureness of touch and subtlety of characterization prefigure Jane Austen’s work.


Dec 17, Laura rated it did not like it. I felt the characters were depicted quite realistically; their flaws were explored in detail, the changes of their dispositions over a lifetime made sense, and their interactions with each other were nuanced and intriguing. Inchbald’s A Simple Story is quite aptly titled—the story at its core is indeed simple. Apart from when the action takes place in London we have only the vaguest idea where the characters are, nor do we know anything about their surroundings or the clothes they wear nor simlpe people outside the immediate story.

Moreover, her costume choice is emblematic: A sudden change of plans takes place and, thanks to the help of Sandford who finally shows a glimmer of benevolence toward Miss Milner, the two finally get married p. Yet he is not the only suitor. It wasn’t terrible, by any means, but I find elizabet hard to really commend it from a critical standpoint.

A Simple Story

Once more, at the eve of the tragic ending, something unexpected happens. Remember me on this computer. Sandford, who is Dorriforth’s tutor, another member of the catholic church characterized by an overbearing behaviour and tough manners, especially in relation to Miss Ihchbald. The episode encourages Lord Margrave to persist in his courtship of Matilda. I can’t take for granted the improvement in Mr Darcy’s mind and character now that I’ve read this!

Miss Milner’s wit, her sexuality, her will to dominate, threaten the masculine rule represented by her guardian. It’s only for a short while. Don’t want to give spoilers, but this was just such a great read! But her lover’s reaction, consisting of the final proclamation of the long-threatened order of banishment, immediately establishes a cruel reality: By comparing the two attitudes toward incjbald male protectors, it is clear that female passion is completely lacking in Matilda’s mind and way of behavior: Maybe in order to receive some protection, she married the actor Joseph Inchbald.

Still, volumes three and four made me want to get stabby. PaperbackOxford World’s Classicspages.