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“Abraham Lincoln” is the biography of Lincoln by British author, scholar and Review of “Abraham Lincoln” by Lord Charnwood of this book than in any complete book I can remember over the past several months. Author: Lord Charnwood. Release Date: May 11, [EBook .. the whole of Abraham Lincoln’s kindred are now out of the story. They. This book about Abraham Lincoln, the famous American president. By reading this book you can Abraham Lincoln: A Complete Biography: Lord Charnwood.

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Some might argue that Lincoln’s First Inaugural Address, to which Charnwood devotes only two paragraphs in a biography marked by careful attention to political principles, should have received more considered attention given the events that soon follow. He practices the very thing he appreciates in Lincoln and hence displays before the reader the moral questions at the heart of American self-government.

It is also a political history of the North and South in the era of the war. Douglas for the U. But in lieu of his own interpretation of the speech, Charnwood notes the religious imagery therein and then offers his own assessment of that most enigmatic characteristic of Lincoln: Herndon—that have left some with mixed feelings about Vy greatness. Trivia About Abraham Lincoln. One of the best books on Lincoln I have in my library.

West Coast Consulting Condition: This is a very inspirational books. He didnt check his sources, abrwham yet it has chqrnwood a classic, merely because it was read many times, and is an interesting books. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. We belabor this point over emancipation because of what it tells us about Charnwood the biographer as well as Lincoln the president.

One may or may not agree with it in every point, but of its profoundly original quality, or its moral dignity, of its intellectual grasp, and of its fulness of suggestion in regard to political and moral problems of all time, there can be no doubt. In this landmark biography, published fifty years after Lincoln’s death, an English author recounted for his countrymen the remarkable stor As preserver of the Union and emancipator of the slaves, Lincoln occupies a unique niche in the pantheon of American leaders.

The facts sound right, but after further research there are many many myths.


Those who have not read it recently should read it again. Charnwood, who also authored a biography of Theodore Roosevelt, died in at the age of The writing style of the book is reverential. Douglas as seminal events for the nation: Henry Holt and Company, Nov 01, Priyanka Pathak rated it liked it.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The value o Very apt that I finished this biography on the date chrnwood Lincoln’s death. In short, Charnwood sides with Lincoln and offers his life—with its imperfections neither magnified nor obscured—as one worthy of a study that anraham to admiration. By reading this book you can know about his achievements in his life and as a llincoln of America. There have been several biographies that have been published ever since the publication of this one, yet this particular version still counts as the best.

Abraham Lincoln by Charnwood, Lord

Basler, in an early study of the Lincoln literature, observed of Charnwood’s Abraham Lincoln”There is a balanced proportion in the treatment of historical topics which lore seldom found in Lincoln biographies; all the historical matter introduced is in direct connection with Lincoln.

Spine uncreased, slightly extremity wear, fold mark top front corner, fon. Definitely my favorite biography — worth reading if you’ve never read it. To cite another example, Charnwood quotes from Alexander Stephen’s infamous “corner stone” speech upon the adoption of a constitution for the Southern Confederacy, which reads in part: The author painted Lincoln as a bad man, not a good one.

As he remarks later in the work, “a biographer must set forth if he can the materials for the severest judgment on his subject. The beginning of the book is a review of the history of America from a British point-of-view. Simply stated, Charnwood’s Abraham Lincoln: Those turn of the century British lords cjarnwood were something else It was that which gave promise that in due time the weight would be lifted from the shoulders of all men.

If this lincolnn seems too ov if not antiquatedgiven the additional study of Lincoln conducted lorc past four score and ten years since Charnwood’s biography, we cite a widely influential interpretation written over cahrnwood years later for the reader to weigh against the Englishman. In short, “He had been able to free the slaves, partly because he would not hasten to this object at the sacrifice of what he thought a larger purpose. We see in a different way Charnwood’s devotion to an “unvarnished Lincoln” at the close of chapter 6, where he announces that the remaining six chapters of the biography will focus on Lincoln’s presidency and in particular the salient controversies attending his actions to prosecute the war.


As for the Gettysburg Address, Charnwood is content to cite it in full, but he reserves explication for other charnaood of the biography that dealt more directly with Lincoln’s political philosophy.

Lord Charnwood’s Abraham Lincoln is one of the clearest analyses ever attempted. He observes, “No political theory stands out from his words or actions; but they show a most unusual sense of the possible dignity of common men and common things. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Review of “Abraham Lincoln” by Lord Charnwood

Want to Read saving…. You can inspire by reading this book. Ships from the UK.

Charnwood begins his last sentence with the supposition, “If he [Lincoln] had a theory of democracy,” which seems to this reader’s mind to be answered clearly and overwhelmingly in the affirmative by the rest of Lord Charnwood’s biography. Email required Address never made public.

According to that noted sage of Lincolniana, Carl Sandburg, Lincoln once remarked, “It matters not to me whether Shakespeare be well or ill acted; with him the thought suffices. Showing best matches Show all copies.

Charnwood’s Lincoln: Biography as Civics Lesson

A Complete Biography Lord Charnwood Evidence charnwooc Charnwood’s concern for intellectual honesty comppete in earnest can be found in a later essay, “Some Lincoln Problems,” published in the Anglo-French Review in More than one of my colleagues in the Law School have found this work more than illuminating when asked for a good read.

Shelf wear to the edges and to the head and toe of the spine are moderate with light tint to the top page edges.

The credit far surpasses the condemnation, however, and the absence of any specific eulogy in the biography only leaves the reader free to phrase his own. Robin Vicki Frost rated it it was amazing May 15,