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Texas Instruments 74S Buffers & Line Drivers are available at Mouser Electronics. Mouser offers inventory, pricing, & datasheets for Texas Instruments . 74S Datasheet PDF Download – Buffers / Lind Drivers / Line Receivers, 74S data sheet. 74S Octal 3-State Buffer / Line Driver / Line Receiver Components datasheet pdf data sheet FREE from Datasheet (data sheet) search for.

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If a metastable event occurs within the. Signetics uti lizes alternate Group A andto Group A subgroups and other test details are contained in docu mented Signetics internal Productdistributed outside of Signetics. Who doesn’t want to save cash these days! On a long bus with lots of slots, each of the connections aka stubs will add capacitive loads thus lowering the backplane impedance. Plus when I looked into it, I really didn’t find any decent design examples that would point me in the right direction for ramming a x0 into the mix Money Transfer Services MTS and all business names referred to on this website other than ABQ Techzonics and Consumertronics are referred to only as totally independent sources of services or products our Clients may avail themselves to if they so choose, and to identify the manufacturers of products sold herein e.

Time to bust out the books…

While we don’t know everything about everything tech no one doeswe have a high level of expertise. All foreign Shipping is by Air Mail. This leads one to believe that everything is 16bit data width or higher on the bus. So to drive them, you’ll need a driver with very low impedance i.

You will datasheeet one or a combination of the IC part numbers stated in the Title; if you prefer one IC part number over the other, let us know. Do a PP “Send Money” to: At least 5 different part numbers, and every part number consists of at least one full tube of the part number. So that’s what, a single IC for the 5 high current lines.


Datasheets 2 14 48 | Datasheets archive

No credit cards, CODs, partial payments, postdated payments, “on approvals” or dstasheet other types of payments or shipment not explicitly OKed herein or by us in writing prior to payment. Signetics reserves the right to make changes at any time.

We are your perfect one-stop-shopping Super Store for high-tech parts to fill your parts lists! Datxsheet external mux ic’s save a bunch of pins on the CPLD allowing me to use a much smaller one. M74HCB1 shipped in antistatic tube.

I think the tolerances are a little different, but I cannot see 744s244 being an issue. We listed many electronic parts by more than one name and name variation e. Now if you have only a few slots, you could get by with a weaker driver. Electronic design tutorials, electronic applications, specific circuit designs and even patent data can be found using Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.

And both the DIP and SM tubes can be later recycled to store other ICs that will 74s44 into them, as sound, thermal and electrical insulating materials, and even as lightweight but strong and datasheeh protective packing materials. We will not look for numbers nor sort into numeric 74×244 – you will get one big box with all of these TTL ICs very cheap.

I can’t imagine that being the case unless every peripheral card on the bus is buffered in the same manner. If our price is too high for any item we sell, we will seriously consider reducing our price – especially if you document that others are selling this same or equivalent item at lower prices in the quantity you need – our goal is to beat our competitors!

Результаты поиска для 74S244

A bit port must resize on DD0, a bit port must reside on DD16 typo loland an 8-bit port must reside on DD MC74HCD shipped in antistatic tube. This data sheet contains Final Specifications.

New old stock NOS. I am already starting to piece this together and I think I have a decent design. I’m not making sense of this mechanism. I think I understand it now Interestingly enough, I did find a page where someone documented a VME system that they had built.


There are many equivalent electronic parts – if you can’t find your exact electronic parts, search for the part’s function and functional variations e. This much I am certain. We often buy and trade for new electronic parts, electronic test equipment, and other items of the types described herein, preferably in larger quantities, some which we set aside for our own electronic laboratory, shop, and other inventories and some datashwet resell herein.

Prices are stated below Item Description. If a single de fect is found in any lot that we ship, the entire lot may be sent back to the factory. If a single de fect is found dqtasheet any lot that we ship, the entire lot may be sent back to the factory SinceSignetics hasthan ppm by ratasheet We got these recently as part of various electronic parts buys we did in which these new TTL ICs were part of the electronic parts lots.

I don’t think that I will have too much trouble with the parts that I have selected. Here is a simplified version: We are not in any way agents nor representative of them, nor in business with them e. Pretty sure those should be 74LSs QFP minimum pitch size qfp 0. For any of our descriptions or images that are missing, incomplete or inaccurate and this sincerely affects your purchase decision, please email us please don’t phone; put “Need Better Info for Item” in email Subject Line so we can make reasonable corrections e.

Unless otherwise indicated, all items described on this webpage are new old stock NOS and never used. We ship within 2 work days after full payment clearance period from day of deposit.