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Buy Yalai 4HP16 ZF4HP16 Transmission Solenoid Kit(6PCS): Shift Kits – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. ZF 4HP16 AUTOMATIC TRANSAXLE. The ZF 4 HP 16 is a four-speed automatic transaxle designed for cars with front-wheel drive and a transversely mounted. ACRevision 03/ ZF 4HP16 (Daewoo, Chevrolet, Suzuki). 4 SPEED FWD (Electronic Control). Page 2. AC. ZF 4HP16 (Daewoo, Chevrolet, Suzuki).

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ZF 4HP16 transmission

Bent pins can occur. Selector Lever Line L2. This equalizing effect 4hp61 achieved in the following way. Push the connector straight down into the transaxle without twisting or angling the mating parts.

During the controlled phase, a slight speed difference between the impeller and turbine wheel is established. Depending on the gear, the multi-disc clutches B and E supply the engine 4jp16 to the planetary gear train, with multi-disc brakes C, D and F directing the torque into the housing.

It is possible to sue smaller solenoid valves as a result. The higher the speed of the turbine, the lower the torque multiplication.

Oil pump,automatic transmission ZF 4HP16 up

When the oil pressure drops, the cup spring acting on the piston presses the piston back into its initial position. An air gap of 0. The purpose of the shift elements is to perform shifts under load without the tractive flow being interrupted. The selector lever position is transmitted to the TCM in encoded form along 4 lines.

Service Manual Tacuma ZF 4 HP 16 AUTOMATIC TRANSAXLE

This information is also uses to calculate the appropriate operating gear ratios and LOC slippage. As the piston B is driven by the turbine shaft, an AC signal induced in the input speed sensor.

The integral constant ratio can be adapted to the engine’s power output and the vehicle’s weight.


The direction of flow is through the turbine shaft and through the space behind the piston, to the turbine chamber. The converter lock-up clutch is a device, which eliminates converter slip and thus helps to improve fuel consumption. The TFT sensor is a positive temperature coefficient thermistor temperature sensitive resistor that provides information to the TCM regarding transaxle fluid temperature.

The internal electrical resistance of the sensor varies in relation to the operating temperature of the transaxle fluid see chart.

From this point onwards, the converter acts as a straightforward fluid coupling. The space between pressure also builds up. The stop plate 4hp116 actuated by the selector shaft, which is permanently connected to the selector lever via a pull cable. A higher fluid temperature creates a higher resistance in the temperature sensor, thereby measuring a lower voltage signal. Selector Lever Line L1. However, there is simultaneously a static pressure, which causes the clutch to engage.

The sensor consists of a permanent magnet surrounded by a coil of wire. The ZF 4 HP 16 is a four-speed automatic transaxle designed for cars with front-wheel drive and a transversely mounted engine.

Calculated temperature is a factor to determine at the shift time and shift delay time.

The converter lock-up clutch is engaged and released in a controlled manner. A planetary gear train establishes the mechanical gear ratios. The shift elements are engaged hydraulically. The parking lock is actuated via the selector lever when in position P.

The EDS require a constant input pressure. The DLC allows the technician to use a scan tool to monitor various systems and display diagnostic trouble codes DTCs. In other words, front ring gear is permanently linked to rear planet carrier, front planet carrier is linked to rear ring gear. Higher vehicle speeds induce a higher frequency and voltage measurement at the sensor.


An air gap of 1. The temperature sensor 4bp16 located in valve body. It protects the vehicle mechanically against rolling away. When open conversion rangethe oil pressure behind the converter lock-up clutch piston and in the turbine zone is equal.

If the static pressure is relieved, the cup spring is able to force the piston back into its original position. On the 4HP 16, the power flow is directed into the planetary gear 4hp61 via rear planet carrier or rear sun gear, or via both simultaneously, depending on the gear in question.

The pressure control valve EDS valve 3,4,5,6 is a precision electronic pressure regulator that controls the operations of each clutches, brakes, lock-up clutch.

Oil pump,automatic transmission ZF 4HP16 04-up

As the differential rotates, an AC signal is induce a higher frequency and voltage measurement at the sensor. The output is always via front planet carrier.

Shifting between individual gears takes place by means of overlapping clutch engagement and release. Vehicle speed information is used 4h1p6 the TCM to control shift timing, line pressure, and LUC lock-up clutch apply and release. Selector Lever Line L4.

A dynamic pressure dependent on the engine speed builds up. The parking lock pawl in the parking lock gear, which is welded onto the lateral shaft of the transaxle. Disconnecting this cable will help prevent personal injury and damage to the vehicle.

The output speed sensor mounts in the case at the speed sensor rotor, which is pressed onto the spur gear.

The ratio between turbine torque and torque is referred to as torque multiplication.

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