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Issue | December This month brings you great interviews with the. Editorial Hello and welcome to the May issue of 3DCreative. In this month’s. Items 1 – 15 of 93 A Downloadable PDF Magazine for CG artists around the globe, 3DCreative magazine focuses on techniques, tutorials, interviews, articles.

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Mohammad Attaran also shares an insightful look into the making of our exciting cover image As a one-off this month we bring you Texturing and Lighting in Photoshop by the brilliant Aleksander Jovanovic. With endless possibilities, your imagination is the limit. What in this month… I n terview: Issue July What in this month… I n terview: The downloadable magazine for CG artists everywhere.

Regular contributor to 3DCreativeJose Alves da Silvatalks us through the process he used to create his armored rhino. Amongst providing you with a vast insight into the latest 3dcreatice the industry these page magazines are released each month, meaning you have immediate access to the latest and greatest in the world of CG and digital art. Editorial Hello and welcome to the May issue of 3DCreative.

Please take a look at our FAQ tab and see if your question has been answered. We continue the series this month by looking at the tools that you can use to rig your character. Etienne Jabbour The Gallery: Issue 3dcreatie Each issue is full of 3dcreztive, tutorials, interviews, articles, project overviews and galleries — providing the perfect platform from which to improve your 3D skills, learn from the professionals and get inspiration for your next project.


3D clay sketches in the 3dcreative magazine

The downloadable magazine for CG artists everywhere. If not or you still want to get in touch with us, feel free to email support 3dtotal.

In this series our brilliant artists have been given complete creative freedom to show us how 3dcreatkve create the organic forms of their quadrapeds, and Daniel is the first to get the ball rolling!

May Issue out now!

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Welcome aboard another issue of 3dcreative! Rodrigue Pralier continues to walk us through the process in 3ds Max, whilst Anto covers Maya. See below for full 3cdreative. We intend for our magazine to become a timeless resource 3dcrreative artists, which they can come back to again and again for inspiration, tips and tricks of the trade. Not only does he use Photoshop to resolve the textures, but he also shows how to add lighting to complete the dramatic and creepy scene.

Every subscriber gets a free 3D Training Video Need help with your magazine subscription? Issue December Tamara tells us how with a bit of grit and determination she managed to carve out her own path into the industry she had loved from her childhood.

3DCreative Magazine

ZBrush is an impressive piece of software that can accomplish so much. We also have a great interview with the brilliant Etienne Jabboura fun Making Of by Riccardo Zema and a gallery containing some of the best of the current 3D kagazine in the community, including work from Tiago HoiselTim JonesOliver Pabilona and many more.

The galleries and interviews with artists are also better than most print magazines. Dean Banfield, Hamilton, Australia. Mudbox Female Character Creation Chapter 1: Industry professional Colie Wertz shares some of the 3dcreaative that he used on Transformers and Iron Man to give us some priceless advice, showing us how to combine 3D elements with photography in Photoshop to create stunning results.


Issue November Chapter 4 – Finalizing the Environment Tutorial 3dcretaive We are looking forward to seeing all of your efforts to create characters being submitted to our online galleries at www. The downloadable magazine for CG artists everywhere.

Please take a look at our FAQ magaazine and see if your question has been answered.

Download the Free ‘Lite’ version for May This month we get to know two brilliant and unconventional artists — Mike Winkelmann, aka beeple, and Gleb Alexandrov of Creative Shrimp — and learn about their inspirations, careers, and impressive work ethics. Hassle free — no need to visit the shop every month to buy each issue.

Using and explaining extensive tools found in ZBrush 4R2, he unleashes his creativity with great effect and shows us how he magazinr this stunning image. So sit back, relax, and enjoy! I love the mix between Professional works and Tutorials. Character Modeling Chapter 5: I really like the interviews on artists and their work, their inspiration and how they got to where they are today.

Please select the appropriate option in the drop down menu, fill in the email address you wish the magazines to be sent to and then magazzine the ‘Subscribe Here’ button. We hope you enjoy this issue and join us again next month for more learning and inspiration!

The Orange by Riccardo Zema.