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Download important combinations,b.v. Full text of ” Important Combinations (Part 1) BV Raman ” . 4 THREE HUNDRED IMPORTANT COMBINATIONS Lord of 1, Lords of 5 and 9 and Lords . BV Raman Series THREE HUNDRED IMPORTANT COMBINATIONS *- B.V. Raman THREE HUNDRED IMPORTANT COMBINATIONS Bangalore Venkata.

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The man immportant also be capable of producing a large number of children. Whether the Yoga is able to independently func- tion or has been absorbed by some other more powerful Nabhasa Yoga, the reader can easily find out.

This is one of the several Akriti Yogas dealt with by the great Varahamihira. Obviously, one born in this combination will be really fortunate. The lawyer is equally successful. According to the definition given above, Sakata is caused by the Moon being placed in the 6th or 8th or 12th from Jupiter.


Even in the umportant of results the difference between the two yogas is hardly worth attention, for while Vajra makes one fair, brave and happy, the effects of Yava are restricted to a particular period of life, viz.

Why the native should meet with danger from poison in his 34th year is not at all clear.

Raman – Important Combinations Documents. In the above list of benefics, malefics and neutrals we have completely omitted to take into account the influence due to a double lordship. Wishing you every happiness and continuing success in importang When a planet is m its own Varga — Twice, it is said to have attained Parijatamsa.

In omportant horoscope the Dhurdhura Yoga formed is a typical one. Lord of 1, lords of 5 and 9, and lords of 4, 7 and 10 if they are natural malefics.


The Moon is not free from affliction. He had to deal with very rough and uncontrollable elements and the Jaya Yoga seems to have gone a long way in enabling him to enlist the sympathies of millions of people for his cause.

important combinations,b.v.

Pushkala Yoga Page 56 His manners and speech were extremely polished and he had perhaps all the qualifications of the Yoga in question. The Yoga is said to become defunct if a benefic aspects the ascendant lord. But there is no planet in Combination. As usual, the 2nd lord is to be afflicted. The yoga assumes fortification of the 3rd house and the 3rd lord and the corresponding weakness of Mars.

Varaha- mihira has extolled these five combinations in his Brihat Samhita. In Lagna must fall either in Kumbha or in Taurus. The assumption here is that Lagna is also a Kendra or quadrant. There seems to be some good reason for considering these three factors.

Cheating is practised in a variety of ways. The last pagesgive a summary of thc cntire subject, matter. He was not only honoured by the rulers but was highly independent and to a gaman extent, autocratic.

He combinaions be compelled to in squalid and unhealthy houses. Personally, we are of opinion that ail these various Aknti yogas do not contribute much to the making of the horoscope In fact they seem to give rise to clues as regards the means of In ehhood one is likelv to have Thus, for instance, Ishu yoga, said to be caused by the seven planets occupying imoprtant 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th houses is common in the horoscopes of persons who may have anything to do with prisons, lock-ups, concentration camps, etc Of course these deductions are based on our own observations and readers have to view them with due reserve.


Arishtas or misfortunes include all sorts and sources of sorrows, worries, miseries, troubles, d is- 2 Three Hundred Important CnnhlmiluM tractions, bodily and mental disturbances such as ill- health, physical and mental deformities, financial losses, ugly and bad children, quarrelsome wife, hateful relations and friends, evil temper, sinful nature and other unpleasant sources in life which go under the name of evils or misfortunes.

Mars is rendered extremely powerful by conjunction wiih the Sun, lord of the 11th, Saturn a Yogakaraka, and Mercury lord of the 9th. The native has a good personality, good-tempered and liked by his associates. I know an instance of Vishnu Yoga operating powerfully in the horoscope of a close associate of Vishnu Yoga 91 min e. Malavya Yoga 49 Taurus, Libra and Pisces. In all the above cases, the lord of Lagna must be in his own sign identical with Lagna and aspected by or associated with certain favourable lords.

Note the con- centration of 5 planets in the 2nd from the Moon causing a Sunapha Yoga.

300 important combinations,b.v. raman.pdf

It will be seen, as would be shown subsequently that some times Sankhya Yogas actually coincide with Akriti Yogas already discussed above. One need not necessarily be a king to the virtues, for all kings are not virtuous.

Chandra Mangala Yoga Definition. The good and evil impoetant in a horoscope. In later life renunciation and austerity. Adhi Yoga 27 Chart No. In other words, Hamsa Yoga is possible in respect of all common and the movable signs Aries, Libra and Capricorn.

If planets are confined to other triangular houses, Hala Yoga arises.