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Find replacement and service parts catalogs online for the Polaris RZR, Sportsman, ACE, GENERAL and RANGER by model and year. This service manual is designed primarily for use by certified Polaris Master Service Comments or suggestions about this manual may be directed to: Service. This is the Highly Detailed factory service repair manual for the POLARIS RANGER RZR S , this Service Manual has detailed.

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If the oil filter is obstructed, a bypass valve contained in the filter allows oil to bypass the filter element. Engine RPM below specified operating -Drive clutch shift weight too heavy.

Rollers are spring loaded. Loads should be centered and ownerd as low as possible in the box. Comments to this Manuals Your Name.

Do not clean the main filter, the filter should be replaced. Promptly replace worn or damaged cab nets and latches with new cab nets and latches. Install Back the adjustment screw out while rotating the pinion Vent Line shaft. Carefully remove the cylinder components. Engine Error Codes 3. Piston should slide in and out of bore smoothly, with light resistance.


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Install red lead on the battery positive. Fuel Cap Use the strap adjusters to tighten any loose straps. Park machine on a level surface.

Install pistons with a twisting motion while pushing inward. Remove the screw from the end of the gear selector shaft spring. Use the following procedure when engine removal is required.

Hands and arms could be crushed or seriously injured in event of rollover. When removing the battery, always disconnect the negative black cable first. All segments including the fuel icon will flash. Tighten the jam nut firmly against the adjuster ring. The following signal words and symbols appear throughout this manual and on your vehicle.


Always exercise extreme caution whenever handling gasoline. Assemble rotors as marked when disassembled. Install spark plug and torque to specification.

Engine Removal Engine Removal Remove the 2 push rivets from the rear of the center odners. Modifications to owndrs vehicle may negatively impact vehicle stability. Remove and clean oil pick up V and oil baffle weldment W. Battery Maintenance Keep battery terminals and connections free of corrosion. Page The pressure adapter has an integrated relief valve.


Never operate in fast-flowing water or in water that exceeds the floor level of the vehicle. Oil Check The oil dipstick and fill tube is located on the engine, behind the passenger seat behind the right rear passenger seat on RZR 4 models.

RZR Service Manuals

Remove the seats to access the service panel. Make sure line is not kinked or pinched.

Remove the clutch yoke from the gear selector shaft and Look ahead and learn to read the terrain. Remove PTO end engine mount.