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Lyrics to ‘ Murugan Pottri’ by Mahanadhi Shobana. Смотреть Murugan Potri Скачать 3GP p, 3GP p, MP4 p. Murugan Gayatri Mantra Times With Lyrics | Om Tat. Tamil lord murugan mantras in tamil language. Use this mantras for a peaceful life. * Kanthasasti Kavasam * Kantha Guru Kavasam * Aaru padi veedu.

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Om Kaivalyaya namaha Everlasting joy of murugna be to Thee Om Kaladharaya namaha Thou who adorns the crescent—Praise be to Thee Om Tejonidhaye namaha Illumination divine—All Hail Om Karanatita Vigrahaya namaha Form transcending causal experience I offer adorations repeatedly to that Divine Kartikeya.

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Om Pranaya namaha Thou life of life, Praise unto Thee Om Brahmanapriyaya namaha Thou who art beloved of seers—Praise unto Thee Om asrita Kiladhatre namaha Praise be to Him who showers grace on those who seek his solace Om Senanye namaha Praise be to the Army Chief Om Vritakandare namaha Praise unto Thee who subjugates all hostile forces Muruga Sloka Gyaanashaktidhara skanda valliikalyaaNa sundara devasenaa manaH kaanta kaartikeya namo.


Om Brahmanyaya namaha We praise Thee, luminous wisdom serene Om Dambhaya namaha Praise be Thine, Oh lover of gay exuberance Om Karanopatadehaya namaha Thou who deigned embodiment for a cause—All Hail Om Agnijanmane namaha To the effulgence of Fire, all Hail Om Saktidharaya namaha Hail to the wielder of the Lance!

I did a search oon the issue and found a good number oof folks will consent with your site. Om Anantamurtaye namaha Praise be Thine ptri forms are endless Om Dvinannetraya namaha Hail to the Lord with the twelve eyes She is the enchanter of the mind of Goddess Devasena.

Vanquisher of the mighty foes 2. Om Shanmukhaya namaha Praise be to the six-faced one 4. Om Ootri namaha Hail Compassionate One Adoration to Lord Kartikeya, who is also known as Skanda. Om Unmattaya namaha Hail Oh passionate One Your email address will not be published.

Скачать Murugan Potri – смотреть онлайн

This mantra is also known as Murugan Pancharatna stotram and is a six-verse prayer chanted everyday by devotees, kurugan on Sashti Viratham days. Om Prajrimbhaya namaha Praise be to thee Auspicious One Some of the famous lytics are as follows: Om Viraghnaya namaha Thou vanquisher of heroic opponents, Praise unto Thee Om Vatuvesabhrite namaha Praise be to Thee, Oh lover of celibacy You made various good points there.


Om Pingalaya namaha Praise be to the golden-hued one 7.

Om Pranayamaparayanaya namaha Thou support of all beings—Praise unto Thee Om Ujjrimbhaya namaha Praise be to the Invincible One Ptri Aksayaphalapradaya namaha We praise Thee, Oh bestower of indestructible results ineffable Om Paramadambhaya namaha Praise be Thine, Thou lover of supreme exuberance Om Sahatatmakaya namaha Art all-pervading—All Hail Account Contact 0 Cart.

Om Mattaya namaha Praise be lyricz the Lord of felicity This mantra is believed to remove Kuja dosha, delayed marriages, clashes, legal disputes, disturbed married life etc.

Om Atmabhuve namaha Thou Unborn Lord Om Skandaya namaha Hail Skanda!