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Understanding the Yoruba Religious beliefs and concepts. Itan / Pataki ( singular and plural) is the Yorùbá term for the sum total of all Yorùbá myths, songs. Pataki of Obara (6). 1) The King of a town went to consult with Ifa and he predicted that the treason would come from his court. The King did not believe since half. A patakí is a brief story used in Santería and Ifá. Contents. 1 Definition; 2 Oral tradition There are many discrepancies on pronunciations, and written forms of some of the Yoruba words in Lucumí literature. Many words are Spanish. Because.

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When all his messengers returned so did his children. The one that says you are the best, will tomorrow say you are the worst. Jegbe did as Eleggua told himAnd there at the same time a caravan of great important kings on route to OYO had been passing lost in the mountains. Beginning of pagakies life. Origins of many foods here in the United States. English to Yoruba v. English to Yoruba x,y,z. He savored the food and it was delicious! Fifth child uorubas Eleggua.


Order in the new kingdom.

But he got chocked on it and died suffocated. Invader of the world. Page 10 Page Transition of Obatala to Yorjbas Oko. Oba abandons the world.

In West African areas directly adjacent to the coast, Olokun takes a male form among his worshipers, while in the hinterland, Olokun is a female deity. Oba stops to see Oshun.

English to Yoruba r.

Patakí – Wikipedia

Marriage of Oba Nani and Shango. English to Yoruba f.

Akara black eyed pea fritters and Akara Funle. Oya Locks Shango in the Palace. English to Yoruba m. Page 10 Page Olokun is highly praised for her or his ability to give great wealth, health and prosperity to her or his followers.

The king with his face blushed with embarrassment Expulsed his son out of the kingdom.

By working hard one can achieve their desiresOshun says there is no situation that you can not become rich, in your given time you will have everything. Tembleque for Obatala and all all orisha. Yroubas becomes the Apetebi of Orula. Lastly Olodumare turns to the mother of creation.


Eyioko 2 mouths speaking. Oggun and his abuses. As Olokun did this to drown the humans, the orishas went to Orunmila to ask him what to do. English to Yoruba f. Transformation of Mayelewo to Ibu Okoto. Ebo and Addimu the differences between the two.

Yemaya meets Orisa Oko Obatala’s youngest phase on earth. English to Yoruba o. Obara 6 mouths speaking. To be fair and give another the same opportunity Obatala now announced to the court that he wished that his children would go out in the world and bring back the worst food they could find.

Beginning of daily life. Basic Interpretation of Oyeku. English to Yoruba k. The first confrontation of Shango and Ogun. Demonstrating her Adiministrative skills. English to Yoruba i.

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