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Summary, annotated text, historical background, analysis, and more. Mac Flecknoe Or a Satire Upon the True-Blue-Protestant Poet T. S.. A Poem by John . Mac Flecknoe is a verse mock-heroic satire written by John Dryden. It is a direct attack on Thomas Shadwell, another prominent poet of the time. It opens with the . Satirical Analysis of Mac Flecknoe and Absalom and Achitophel by John Dryden. Dryden, who was the greatest literary figure of the Restoration period achieved.

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Dryden’s purpose in writing “Mac Flecknoe” was to expose Shadwell as a mediocre writer—and to get even for Shadwell’s offenses against him. When Psyche enters a temple dedicated to Venus, the goddess gives her a series mqc seemingly impossible tasks to perform. The reader expects the hero who succeeds to a crown to be anaoysis with qualities of perfection and maturity, especially in the context of an epic poem. Eliot writes, “The piece of Dryden’s which is the most fun, which is the most sustained display of surprise after surprise of wit from line to line is Mac Flecknoe.

The old king Flecknoe passed on to his son Shadwell, or Mac Flecknoe his dullness. Dryden then describes the place analydis by Flecknoe for Shadwell’s throne.

Satirical Analysis of Mac Flecknoe and Absalom and Achitophel by John Dryden

Richard Flecknoe was an English dramatist and poet whose writing was ridiculed by poet Andrew Marvellas well as Dryden. He then houses her in a palace as his wife but sleeps with her only in the darkness of night. Specifically, a sudden imbalance in diction triggers a sense of confusion as the reader struggles to place familiar words within an unusual context. He tells her she must never light a candle, for he does not wish to reveal his identity right away.


Moreover, he says, let other writers imitate his son. According to ancient Roman myth, twelve vultures appeared to Romulus, the legendary co-founder of ancient Rome, to sanction his selection for the site of the city. Cupid, invisible to human eyes, enters her chamber while she is sleeping. Cask; unit of measure equal to 18 imperial gallons. Books and parts of books covers, pages. In his sinister 56 hand, instead of ball Dryden presents Shadwell as a dull poetaster, an idiot who is shorn of all abilities for composing fine dramas.

However, the effect of this arouses neither anger nor sympathy in the reader, but laughter. Bum refers to the buttocks. Mac Flecknoe is a personal satire. Shadwell thought that he was another Jonson, but Jonson was by far the superior writer. The real-life Flecknoe was said to be a priest. Odysseus ‘s is cunning; Achilles ‘s is wrath; the hero of Spenser’s The Faerie Queene is of holiness; whilst Satan in Paradise Lost has the defining characteristic of pride.

He praises his son and successor who would rule from Ireland to Barbadoes. Shadwell dedicated some of his plays to the Duke of Newcastle. Flecknoe assumed the throne as Dlecknoe of Nonsense when he was young. Summary Mac Flecknoe is the finest short satirical poem in which Dryden has treated Thomas Sahdwell with humorous contempt.

In versification, a metric measure such as an iamb or a trochee. Thomas Panton, a well-known punster. The result is that they come to realize the absurdity of their values, and with seriousness that could only be produced through tone and perspective of humor.

The meter of the poem is iambic pentameteras the first line demonstrates. Psyche is a young woman so beautiful that the goddess of love, Venus, becomes jealous.


Mac Flecknoe

He counsels him not to imitate Ben Jonson, but to emulate his father and Ogleby. But a dolphin enthralled with anallysis music saved him and carried him to Corinth, Greece. Resigned to his fate, he sang a song to the accompaniment of his lyre, then jumped overboard.

He published works by both Dryden and Shadwell. Addison Wesley Longman, Inc. When he was a boy, he was taught to hate Rome. The proud father of Shadwell hopes that his son’s domain will one day encompass all the earth and that he will produce new dull plays to delight the dimwitted. From dusty shops neglected authors come, Flecknoe, with parental pride, dwells on his son’s flfcknoe.

In Dryden’s poem, socks symbolizes stage comedies. Through the voice of Flecknoe, Dryden compares two playwrights of the early seventeenth century, Thomas Heywood and James Shirley, to the figures of Moses and Isaac in that they have prepared the way for the coming of Shadwell: Dryden presents Shadwell as a dull poetaster, a corpulent man and a plagiarist.

John OgilbyBritish printer, translator, and mediocre poet. The Virtuosoa play by Shadwell. Works by John Dryden. Indeed, it seems absurd for a mighty prince to aspire to rule a kingdom of brothels, and the image of such a situation is humorous.

Allusion to a school for children training to be actors. London was fearful because Catholics were accused falsely of plotting to murder the Qnalysis of England.