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The complete series list for – Tempting Navy SEALs Lora Leigh. Series reading order, cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres. 1 New York Times bestselling author Lora Leigh has captivated millions of readers with her sensual tales. Tempting Navy SEALs 11/21/ PM. I absolutely love Lora Leigh. Every time I read her books I fall in love with her character’s. Her book’s always have characters that are complex, driven, mouth.

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Nov 10, Amy Denim rated it it was ok. Kell rescued Emily when she had been kidnapped by Diego Fuentes and fed a lethal drug, years later she has grown into a strong beautiful woman who has a knack for “researching” the unusual that would be deemed unsuitable for a Senator’s daughter. Time to move onto something that I will find more enjoyable. Not quite the story i hope but turns out okay after they’re worked out some issue and happily ever after. I am on to the next book. I did however have trouble with the overabundance of secondary characters that kept popping in and out and couldn’t keep any of their names straight.

And as our story truly begins to unfold, he’s been running away from Morganna for years. Hidden Agendas focused on the plot, the characters and is a must-read-first if you’re thinking of reading the third book, Killer Secrets.

It had a large plot other than just Morganna and Clint’s romance, however the steaminess between the two of them is off the charts! Just be warned that if you’re thinking of reading this book because you’ve read Leigh’s straight-up erotic-romances, it’s not like those.

We see early on that the big bad on the scene, Diego Fuentes, is manipulating things so that he can control one man I wish she end up with someone else than the lor. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Kira follows him to Aruba and to the Fuentes compound. Especially since she had so much time to think about what he says and offers.


I love a sizzling and hot novel.

Thus, she makes her way down to Aruba to help him Jul 19, Karyn rated it liked it Tepting It started out fine, however towards the end of the book, it gets old. I tend to return to this series time and time again to read it, I love it.

View all 17 comments. So that bugged me a loa. I don’t like it, but I can understand it. I love you until sometimes I think I’m going to go insane if I don’t hold you.

We have a bit 3 to 3. Please do yourself a favor and don’t think of the motivation rempting the bad guys, the implausibility of the “whore’s dust” drug, how stupid the name “whores dust” sounds, and the fact that the bad guys are right out of an after school special about how drugs are bad, mmmkay? His ‘issues’ were ones I could ‘see’ someone like him having and they were at least reasonable for this story.

Sometimes I do find gaps and little things in her writing that doesn’t add up but everybody has to temtping, her books are delicious and I’m always waiting for more. Sep 22, Kathrynn rated it it was amazing Shelves: Books by Lora Leigh.

He goes on to reason with her that it was what she really wanted anyway. Morganna Chavez knows that Clint is the only man who she will ever love, but as an undercover DEA agent she needs him as far away from her as possible. Shy, scared and with little self confidence aeals she is however determined to move forward. It was downright distracting! Risa is the path to that revenge, but he also finds that she is his path to life.

Atlanta Heat

Avrei trovato interessante approfondire la conoscenza dei personaggi e delle loro storie. I’m about 30 pages from being done so I doubt anything will change my opinion. The story ends with new promises made and old ones kept.

I enjoy reading this series. Risa initially has no idea that her friends have set her up with an agent or that she is in fact the next intended victim of the legendary assassin known as Orion. But he will stop at nothing to make her see that it’s all worth it in the name of love because one thing is certain, she belongs to him. There were some plot things tfmpting seemed a bit iffy to me And he keeps doing that later, when everyone knows that they love each other.


Right off, I could see Ian and Kira were going to get their own book but I didn’t know when after what happened with Gennita Low’s badly-timed release of her Virtually series. Plus, it has to follow certain rules. Lora Leigh descrive le scene di sesso con la consueta bravura: Now, me as a girl, I legh have bludgeoned him to death when he went all MINE on my ass in a public place in a not-so-suitable situation.

Srals to Read saving…. Emily Stanton, is daughter of a senator and has had a crush on Kell Krieger, a Navy Seal, who just so happens to have been so totally in love with her since he first met her, a few years ago, when he was part peigh the team that rescued her from the evil South American drug lord who had kidnapped her and two other women.

You touch a father’s heart. And based off seqls reviews it looks like a cookie cutter series. It’s really rare for me to dislike the male ssals of a story this much, but this one I hate.

Hidden Agendas (Tempting SEALs, #4) by Lora Leigh

Maverick had two wonderful characters, Micah and Risa, a temptinf story Micah! More hot than story but enough character to keep me reading. Atlanta, Georgia Story line: Managing to collect a lot of baggage over the years he’s also closed off his heart, except when it comes to Morganna Chavez. Lora Leigh can write a sex scene that’s for sure!