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Life and Letters of Fenton John Anthony Hort, Volume 2 · Fenton John Anthony Hort,Sir Arthur Hort No preview available – Life and Letters. Fenton John Anthony Hort. D.D., D.C.L., LLD. SOMETIME HULSEAN PROFESSOR AND LADY MARGARET’S READER. IN DIVINITY IN THE. Life and Letters contains a collection of F. J. A. Hort’s letters arranged chronologically with biographical notes by his son, Arthur Fenton Hort. Volume one covers.

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As you say familiar diction, perhaps you would concede their superiority in writings of a high didactic character, as Philosophy, Theology, or History ; but I would only refer you to Hare s Guesses at Truth for as elegant familiarities as are to be found jonh.

Full text of “Life and letters of Fenton John Anthony Hort”

How would this rule apply to Herr Teufelsdrockh of the Sartor Resartus? I think you had better take in the clove carnation. The only other profession that would in the least degree suit me is the Law, and my distaste for it has been growing stronger every year, even when fengon was no corresponding increase of tendency towards the Church.

Buckland laid great stress on accurate grammatical knowledge, and required rules of syntax to be learnt by heart, but he mentions in a letter to Mr. In these matters, as in those of higher importance, his fairness and openness of mind were conspicuous even in under graduate days. His lecture was a sort of resume, cautioning against three errors ist, of regarding Heathendom as utterly devoid of all true light; 2nd, of exalting lletters dim light of Heathendom at the expense of Christianity ; and 3rd, of finding no matter for thought in the Heathen writers.

Hence he was led to seek firmer foundations than he could find in the Evangelical position ; with all the earnestness which inspired the teaching of the best of that school, he could not discover the religious philosophy which he desiderated. On the sunny side of his disposition he had much in common with his brilliant and delightful younger sister afterwards Mrs.


This would seem to point to the expediency of going in the summer with a party ,etters tutor, unless there is some reason against it.

He, it seems, actually saw the planet before its discovery at Berlin, and had suspicions of its being the planet, but did not examine it. I finished my electrical machine yesterday, but as I was cleaning it, some of the cement broke: It is characteristic of his mind that he viewed all the movements of the time in connection with theology. Not only in learning, powers of mind, and critical acumen, hoet in elegance of diction and style, and sound practical good sense, is each of them worth a dozen Addisons.

This trait is curiously illustrated by the numerous ingeniously contrived cardboard boxes, still extant, and sometimes of the oddest shapes, which he delighted to make ; his wife called them his con traptions. Had the engines been five minutes later, it must have caught the first staircase in NevilPs Court, and from one end to the other, with the exception of xnd outer walls, is one mass [of] old oak, partitions and all!

If you regard them as mere learned critics, you do them great injustice.

Life and Letters of Fenton John Anthony Hort

A scholar s life contains little of outward incident, and it has been my endeavour to tell the story of my father s life so far as possible in his own words. Kershaw I shall say to-day Ttpy Lide think that the caracters are rather easy and ot the funnyist small letter is Xi. Maurice ; but, without anticipating, it seems well to note here two very important facts in the history of a mind singularly receptive, yet singularly inde pendent: Tell Papa that I have taken pains to follow his advice as to writing the answers at the examination.

More generally, there are two extremes here, both very common, and, I think, equally pernicious: It was the concluding lecture of the series, and therefore scarcely a fair antnony. Our Choir in Chapel has been removed from the Gallery to the Middle of the Body, and increased to sixteen, eight on each side, so that we have in effect the old system of Versicles and Responses, and the effect is much better.


There were shouts for “Poll, Poll, state of leyters Poll!

Dearest Fenton I have lots to tell you. Indifference is the form that the enemy s opposition generally AGE 17 RUGBY 37 takes rather than direct temptation ; pray that I may be enabled to call down unceasingly special aid. In undergraduate days, if not before, he came under the spell of Coleridge.

Nor was this a passing boyish enthusiasm ; the poet -philosopher s works became the subject of deep and careful study, the fruit of which appears in the exhaustive monograph published in the volume of Cambridge Essays of Chief of these was Dr. I did not know that you ever had the mark Melius. lwtters

When my Exhibition comes in I do not know, but I suppose it will be soon. Lines, last 2 odes of ist and whole of 2nd Book of Horace. Lfe have deferred writing till after post hour, that I might be able to give the result of the Little-go.

We must think often of the many mansions of our Heavenly Father s House, and, my darling, how happy it will be if we all meet there ; not one missing, of all our household anthonu ; then we shall care no more what home we had in this world, than we care now what sort of cradle we were rocked ot.

But the con stables efficiently kept the peace, no cads venturing into the streets, and I believe there has been no row since. That is his crime. Page – From Shelley’s dazzling glow or thunderous haze, “From Byron’s tempest-anger, tempest-mirth, Men turned to thee and found — not blast and blaze, Tumult of tottering heavens, but peace on earth.

Another early friend was Henry Mackenzie, who died young. I saw there was plenty of work before us, so, while I had time I rushed upstairs and put on my old greatcoat ; by this time there was a good many men going about, and buckets carrying to and fro.