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Leo Bersani and the Nostalgia for White Male. Radicalism. (on Leo Bersani, Homos [Cambridge: Harvard UP, ]). Intellectual hipsters, as Andrew Ross. In Homos, he studies the historical, political, and philosophical grounds for the current distrust, within the gay community, of self-identifying moves, for the. failed subjectivity in Homos []. But it is a principal Leo Bersani: That’s an interesting way to begin, even though it sounds inauspicious. My interest in.

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What is Gay and Lesbian Philosophy?

Leo Bersani

Gay Studies Share This. In their justifiable suspicion of labels, lo men and lesbians have nearly disappeared into their own sophisticated awareness of how they have been socially constructed.

It is, instead, “entirely a response to an internal possibility” of being homosexual oneself Apr 28, Brenden O’Donnell rated it really liked it.

Homos by Leo Bersani.

His most potent argument against the erasure of gay identity is that such erasure is exactly what homophobia aims to accomplish. However, amidst these forecasts of the margin’s obsolescence, Bersani suppresses the buried referent ofhis study and thus elides nuanced analysis. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Leo Bersani – Wikipedia

You are not logged in If you have already registered please login here If you are using the site for the first time please register here If you would like access to the entire online archive subscribe here Institutions or university library users please login here Learn more about our bfrsani subscriptions here. Bersani’s prologue begins by discussing a danger he sees in much queer theory: Oct 22, Jee Koh rated it liked it.


Bersani then argues that “unless we define how the sexual specificity of being queer a specificity perhaps common to the myriad ways of being queer and the myriad conditions in which one is queer gives queers a special aptitude for making that challenge [to institutions: Book titles Versani Journal titles. Stian rated it really liked it Oct 21, The Nature and Causes of Homosexuality: Michael Beblowski rated it liked it Jan 29, Homls of Western Philosophy.

Without cookies your experience may not be seamless. Homos Posted on January 3, by Michael.

Where they seem to diverge is that Bersani finds this existence compelling, and Edelman finds it mundane. The High Priesthood of Being Gay: Inthe Navy opened a second inquiry into the methods employed in the first investigation.

He posits his anti-social thesis of queer theory: Heather rated it it was amazing Feb 13, In their writing, they have erased the specificity of gay identity in favor of transcendence over the homo-hetero binary, or of social constructivism, or of historicizing the category; these theorists fear, rightly, to essentialize gay identity, a move that would fall in with heterosexist practice. Homos by Leo Bersani My rating: While acceptance of queers has grown, so has anti-queer activism and homophobia.

Structures of oppression outlive agents of oppression” Promise Li rated it really liked it Sep 15, Cannon – – Deleuze and Guatarri Studies 4 3: Assistant Professor of English with research areas in digital literacy, privacy and social media, and queering rhetorics.

It does not appear ever to have occurred to the military higher-ups in Newport that what they were asking the decoys to do was deviant, perverted or sexually repugnant — in short, something that any normal man could not naturally be brought to do — and the decoys, for their part, did not regard themselves as differing in their sexual make-up from normal men.


Chris rated it it was amazing Jan 14, A subcultural Puritan, Bersani offers a sexy leoo calling upon the gay male community not to backslide into assimilationist politics and identitarian invisibility lestwe lose the good fight against repressive heterosexist norms.

Edward Lear is an apt character to think about at Christmas-time.

Leo Bersani, Homos – PhilPapers

Yet the recent trend to isolate sex from gender in lesbian and gay studies needs to attend, I would argue, to its disturbing implications within the current racialized and anti-feminist conservative backlash. Appropriating for themselves the messianic ground of the higher or purer outside, Mailer’s White Negroes circumscribed critical consciousness within a narrow logic of repudiation: Sign in Create an account.

Temporality in Queer Theory and Continental Philosophy. They recruited from among the young enlisted men stationed at the base a number of sailors who volunteered to serve as decoys and to seek out and identify men they suspected of being sexual perverts. While professing toherald a liberating reorganization of society, however, Bersani identifies “homo-ness” with arelationality or what he sees as the retrieved patriarchal outside to the multicultural left.

Homo-ness, which involves a “self-shattering”and thus a loss of the self and thus a loss of citizenship