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Magazine. People. 6, likes. Related Pages. John Paul Caponigro. Artist Join Brooks (and Mo) at the press-check for the cover of LensWork #, featuring. So I ordered a subscription to LensWork magazine and have received my third magazine. I ordered it without seeing one for a few years. It’s hard to find a purer example for the product-marketing connection than LensWork magazine. LensWork has grown for 20 consecutive years.

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Even if you don’t get printed immediately I understand that Brooks does a terrific portfolio review. LensWork Daily is a single, unified resource for all kinds of information and content. This publication comes in two editions: Disc Edition Discs subscriptions and combo discounts are back!!! This publication comes in four editions: It does not appear to have changed for at least 10 years.

So over worked and so over done to death now days. Each issue typically includes media monographs — including expanded presentations of the portfolios in our print version. Available via your web browser at http: Jul 3, 3. Magaaine wrong with that. Print Edition Paper-based, duotone, book-quality periodical; available by subscription via mail; printed back issues available while supply lasts.

Sadly it just continues to be a very good photography magazine showing good work by various artists. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Your name or email address: New book by Brooks Jensen now available! All film of course.


Quite simply, the most amazing, content-rich site for photography and the creative process you’ve ever seen. It was all film and darkroom. I did ldnswork online but I get tired of the computer 12 hours a day so found that I did not keep up. They just wanted the revenue from the manufacturers’ ads. Currently only electronic format with print editions expected next year. Another way to get more film and darkroom material is to submit some work for his consideration.

Each issue includes portfolios, usually an interview with one of the photographers, often an article by a guest contributor, and an Editor’s Comments. Jul 4, 9. Portable Edition Formatted specifically for the iPad and similar portable devices; individual issues may be purchased online; also immediately downloadable for members of LensWork Online.

I was a subscriber since day magazinr but dropped it last year as the Canadian dollar is pretty weak compared to the US dollar. Jul 3, 1.

LensWork Publications

I think it should be called Photoshop work now not LensWork. The Creative Life in Photography. I’ve been nagazine to do it for years, but I don’t like writing about myself, so I haven’t done it. I remember not liking a lot of the images that magazines published back before digital, so why would everything be perfect today? I fall under the “if you don’t like what he prints, send him something you do” crowd. I did finally send some images in for the Seeing in Sixes book. I think it misses the influence of lenxwork years and someone important to the magazine.


That being said, Brooks has to change with the times to stay relevant lneswork the majority of his subscribers and those he hopes to attract.

Lenswork Magazine

Tim Layton has started a new Analog magazine – Darkroom Underground. I never go back and look at lnswork PDFs in the same way I do the printed magazines. Just is what it is.

Just don’t expect those that have to put food on the table to not change with the times. The DU first edition was packed with tips, good photography, and great information from some respected photographers. Well I don’t subscribe to a magazine to look at lsnswork work.

Jul 3, 6.