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Instructional DVD on combat with the Messer (or Long Knife) according to the teachings of fencing master and priest Johannes Lecküchner. Inspired in the popular Langes Messer from s. XV, this waster incorporates all the important qualities relative to weight, the balance, and the mass dynamics of a. Leckuchner created his manual in the Grand Tradition of Lichtenauer’s Zettel, so he holds pretty close in both his format and techniques.

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Den elnbogen lere fassen Schub linck recht ze der teuschen.

And go rapidly close to him. Winck linck Im treffen haw recht lang wiltu In effen.

Messer Leckuchner

You should shoot the Wincker And provoke the masters with it Learn to do the Wincker in a double manner To the right from the left. Here the master states a breaking against the first Messer-taking and speaks: Then, notice a good teaching and the third element. If he wants to draw after, catch the stroke on the flat on your Messer, so that the short edge is against him.

With the Messer-taking You can ashame him Take the defence with the empty hand Wind over to the left and press rapidly.

DVD – The Messer of Johannes Lecküchner

Here the master states a breaking against the Messer-taking depicted above: Then, assume the Eber this way: Hie lertt der meiste[r] ein bruch wid[r] das ee gemelt stuck vnd spricht kurtz will mit schneid[e]n [etc] Das soltu alzo verstan will er dich mit er kurtz[e]n schneid[e]n dich In dein antlitz schne[i]d[e]n oder schlag[e]n wie vo[r] gesagt Ist So windt Im Indes den ortt auff gege[n] seine[m] messer vnd stich Im zu dem gesicht seiner recht[e]n seitt[e]n [etc]. The Bastei, displace Draw after, overrun and set off Thechange through, twitch Run through, press the cutting off Run off, take over Go through, bow, take the defense Hang, the windings against the openings Strike the stroke from below, learn to discourage.


And expose yourself with the right side. But if he remains with the point against the face or against the openings, do not change through, but remain on the Messer and work with it to the next opening, so that he is not able to draw after to you or set on. Item Ist dir Einnge lauffen vnnd du Im auch. Die ersten zwu Zinnen Die erst zinn ist die Erst recht seiten. Early New High German. Hie lertt der meyste[r] abe[r] eyn nachrays[e]n vnd sprich vmb das haubtt mrsser Das soltu alzo mexser ligt er In der zwirch messed seyne[r] link[e]n seytt[e]n geg[e]n deyne[r] recht[e]n vnd will vmb seyne[n] kopff schlag[e]n zu deyne[r] linckn seytt[e]n Indes pleyb mit deyne[m] messer alzo lig[e]n vnd var gerad nyd[er] vnd haw In durch lecchner hals wie vnd[e]n gemalt stett [etc].

If he wants to strike crosswise to the ears Lower the point down to the chest if you want to dupe him. Wiltu dich rechen, Recht mit linck thu prechen, Linck auff rechtt wer gesprungen, Der linckn mit rechtt zw hilff magst kummen. If you stand in the Bastei and he strikes from above at you to your left side, step in a twofold manner to your right side out of the stroke and twitch your body out of the stroke.

Then, a drawing after: If he wants to shoot to the left from the arm Shoot directly the point, wind and wave.

Then, if you both have bound, grab his right hand with your left one and raise with it high, and come to help your left hand with your right hand. In this compilation, we’ve merged the translations of both texts and selected in most cases the longest or most detailed description available.


Vff recht wil er wencken Vnd arm Rencken Linck hinder linck lere springen Die achsel recht solt dringen.

The Messer of Johannes Lecküchner

Here the master teaches the break against the Zornhau Ort, and the text states: Thus, you have the bowing in a twofold manner from emsser sides. Wirt er des orts widerumb gewar. Here the master teaches an element: Then, perform the Wecker this way: Im zu dem gesicht.

Images from the Munich Version I. If he wants to use the Wecker, etc. Learn to directly take away Strike a good deal long with the edge to the head. Then, perform leckfhner other bowing this way: The feint deceives It strikes the peaks as it wishes. Indes lauf mit deinnem haupt durch sein arm. Item gee starckh an In mit dem Entrusthaw. If he wants, etc.

The Messer taking with one hand Go over with the one hand and be skillful. Do the Wecker to the flats Of the masters, if you want to weaken them As it clashes messsr Stand away-this I want to praise Here the master states a good element that you should perform this way: Understand it this way: Here the master states a breaking against the thrusting over through and speaks: Indes winnd wider auf sein rechten seitten.