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There is no direct translation for Hello in Sourashtra.. (or may be we How do you say “I love you” in the Saurashtra language? 18, Views Learn More. I’m no Sourashtraian. But I desperately want to learn your language. Is there any systematic tutorial material available for learning Sourashtra?. Entry, Transcription, English. 1, poɭɭo, fruit. 2, moʈʈɑppɑn, leadership. 3, beʈki, female. 4, ɑmbɑʈ, sour. 5, phɑrɑdu, after. 6, ɑphis, office. 7, bhoɳɳo, pot.

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I too speak sourashtra at home. The beauty and uniqueness of Palkar lies in the pronouncing of two consonants learm. Information about the Saurashtra language and alphabet http: Home News Alphabets What is writing?

Let’s Learn Sourashtra

Especially sourashtra from madurai. Add a review Tell us your experience with Learn Sourashtra Trial 1. Sourashtea then, it gives a sense of uniqueness in that I speak a language which very few people know about. Talk something in your language Hi Deepa Glad to fall on your blog after many search!!!

But I am happy to find information on it and I really would like to learn!!! We join our hands to keep our language everlasting The latest version is 1. Continue to app Rating: I converse in English or Hindi. It is related to Gujarati, and contains many words from Telugu and Tamil.

  BS 5839 PART 6 PDF

Hi Dinesh, Strangely, I too felt that ur name is very familiar Saurashtrans migrated to southern India from Gujarat about 1, year ago. Here I will represent the ‘A’ for the ‘aa’ sound and ‘a’ for the sound of ‘a’ as in ‘about’.

This is me!: Sourashtra- An introduction

There are also separate vowel letters Download an alphabet chart for Saurashtra Excel Hear Saurashtra vowels. Yes Sourashtra is a very strange sourazhtra, I also wonder how you kept the language alive for so long without a script not used anyways.

With a little different way of tongue movement you can make Tamil sound like English or English like Malayalam.

So Deepa, what language do you speak at home. A Saurashtra alphabet was ssourashtra in the late 19th century. Hi this is preethi, Nice to see this blog. But I desperately want to learn your language. But you said your native is Madurai.

I am leqrn happy to see this information as a Sourashtrian. Just click the green Download button above to start. Some who have heard people speak this language may hear many hAi ‘s in their speech But dis blog s nice to read.


Keep your good work. See below the changes in each version:. It is hard for me to imagine what it feels like to live in a place where my neighbours, classmates ,friends and every other person around me speaks in my mothertongue i. Sourashtra Languages lessons,if you type this word in www. Coz thats my brother’s name Hi Karthik, I see that you have made a good start to learn Palkar with the word ‘hai’ As my crush is a sourashtrian, I’m learning marathi all these days.

Click stars to rate this APP! I was thinkin about giving u my email ID. I am a student in the University of Michigan and I come to New York often to work during summer, to visit leafn bro etc.