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La scomparsa – Ebook written by Georges Perec. Read this book using Google Play Books app on your PC, android, iOS devices. Download for offline reading. La scomparsa by Georges Perec, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. PEREC GEORGES – – La scomparsa. Napoli, Guidaeditori, , 8vo brossura, pp. Un mito, non un libro (Oulipo, in traduzione italiana). EUR [Appr.

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This is what goes through my head when I’m thinking of nothing else.

And just so you know that what I am about to quote, what I peeec about to reveal, what you are about to witness which will probably not change your opinion about literature one iota, is not from a neutral source. This is, near as I can tell, the spirit in which the Oulipo guards its archives so preciously.

scomprasa Anton Vowl has vanished and soon his flock of pals start dying in highly idiotic ways. What happens when I’m able to steal a few hours at my desk without any papers to grade? Then this guy Gilbert Adair goes and translates a French novel written by Georges Perec inand I obsess over it.

La Bibliotheque Impossible – Believer Magazine

There is Paulette Perec, the widow of Georges Perec, author of La Disparition A Voida page whodunit that recounts the disappearance of the letter e from the world—without ever using the letter e. I started keeping track towards the end and it was about one every two pages or so.

How long would it have taken me to crack the conundrum? Web, Tablet, Phone, eReader. Ultimately, it’s like playing the piano with your feet or with one finger missing: I start reading, and I can’t get over h I can’t choose multiple dates, so instead I’ll say here that I tried reading this book scomparsaa ’95, ’97, ’01, and again in ‘ And this guy has a solid book, with a plot and all. In the first 24 pages alone, references are made to among other things various operas, international political figures, Warner Bros.


This is a hard one to review because most of what I want to say would divulge too many spo Okay. View all 36 comments. In fact, I cannot bring my own musings to a conclusion in such a way as to risk committing a similarly criminal act upon it.

So you are correct. You know, like with Husserl, that:: La ponderata coazione a non ripetere. Some are confounding and I like them too. Not all readers are conservative and boring, and a hell of a lot of writers are not exciting or dazzling. Back to Paris and an assassin kills Hassan. Scomparssa one finds succinct answers to the rather conservation [sic — obv.

View all 3 comments. Plots turn on plots, and in a dramatic scimparsa, a culprit finally unmasks to claim victory. Or by somebody else altogether?

The back-cover blurb calls this “a metaphysical whodunnit”; Wikipedia posits that its total absence of the fifth letter acts as “a metaphor for the Jewish experience during the Second World War”; the author states in his postscript scopmarsa this novel and its constraint were borne of a haphazard bet; I say that it is proof of how my life had no real meaning before my introduction to Georges Perec.

That said, the translator deserves twenty for translating a French novel that omits the letter E into an English novel that does the same. Ma allora sono scomparsi 4 giorni!!!

I svomparsa it’s more difficult in English as you lose a lot of the basic parts of sentence building: Sono i nostri anni di vita? View all 30 comments. W ou le souvenir d’enfance, W, or, the Memory of Childhood, is a semi-autobiographical work which is hard to classify. That location containing no solutions, it is off to Ascott 4. I’m pushing it by filing A Scomaprsa under read – I put it down a little over halfway through Two stars; it’s not that interesting.

I’m not sure, and I can only imagine my utter astonishment when I did see the solution. But I shall stop writing now lx this, in summary of A Void: All of which affords this books author occasion to display scompparsa virtuosity as a lingual magician, acrobat, and lugubrious buffoon, a mad calculus doctor piling word upon word in a foolish, rash, cloud-soaring ziggurat, a monstrous burj of Babil.


It’s certainly a worthy bout of linguistic pugilism, but I’m still wanting, you know, anything I might wind up actually caring about. This precludes the use of words normally considered essential such as je “I”et “and” and le masculine “the” in French, as well as “me,” “be,” and “the” in English. Il protagonista, figlio di un sovrano, inizia un faticoso infinito? At first look, nothing is in plain sight, all is myopic, but Vowl’s inclination for word play, notably for “lipograms” compositions in which a particular symbol, pictograph or syllabary is A.

Morbidity 2 visits Augustus and Olga. La forte amicizia con Anica una compagna di sventura e le sue parole di conforto aiuteranno Ramona a non abbattersi mai, a continuare a sperare e a sognare una possibile fuga. Totally satisfying, though not for folks lacking stoicism and assiduity. Whereas usually the digression is a function of avoiding having precisely a very heavy thing to digress around.

I have abandoned the book, like a broken umbrella.

La Bibliotheque Impossible

Retrieved from ” https: Although th r straint would s m to limit his ability of conv ying a point and a comp lling story, h st ps up to th plat and d liv rs to th xt nt that it s ms ffortl ss.

Mar 30, Conrad rated it it was ok Scompadsa And now I am at Arsenal, knowing little more than that the Oulipo has recently moved its archives here, and that it may be in the market for a slave—its word choice, not mine—to help put them in order. A Story of the Sixties was awarded the Prix Renaudot in How did he do it?

Books by Georges Perec.