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We are the largest Arabic online bookstore in South east Asia, with more than titles from more than publishers in Fiqh, Hadeeth, Aqidah, Philosophy, . Lauhat faniah min rawa’ik khat arabi لوحات فنية من روائع الخط العربى. احمد صبرى زايد. 0 Review | Add Your Review · Email to a Friend. Availability: In stock. Qty. It was originated from Ethiopia, but later distributed to different countries such as South Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. Although this plant is known as Khat in.

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Reading techniques are developed through the study of a wide selection of authentic reading passages, including classic Arabic without concentration on spoken dialect. Regular vocabulary exercises examine word building techniques.

Lauhat faniah min rawa’ik khat arabi لوحات فنية من روائع الخط العربى

Hence, the World Health Organization WHOincategorized the Khat plant as a drug of abuse that can create mild to moderate psychological dependence. However, some people use it to change their mood and don’t feel stressed. Three systematic divisions sounds, words and syntactical structure, and conversational practices enable the learner to generate language accurately in a variety of highly successful modern techniques. The figured dictionary also prepares the student to use the Arabic dictionary in the future.

They recommended that the community in Jazan need to create recreations alternatives and opportunities for youths which prevent them from Khat chewing and to not waste their time and money on useless things.

The second reason is due to the low income for some students who cannot purchase Khat.

The Arabic language is introduced sound by sound to avoid difficulties that students may encounter while learning letters with similar appearance or sound. It was originated from Ethiopia, but was later distributed to different countries.


Arabic Calligraphy Club – Naskh Script نادي الخط العربي خط النسخ

The first one is due to the presence of the awareness programs about the harmful effects of Khat use. Present the letters in a simple, joyful, and progressive method, focusing on the individual shape and sound of each letter. They also recommended that the government in Jazan should review and assess the Faifa Development Authority Project for replacing Khat cultivation in Faifa area an area that is located in Kaht region.

The first level introduces arrabi to the orientation and strokes required for Arabic writing.

Elementary School Arabic and English Dr. Based on WHO is classification, many countries have controlled the use of Khat by making its use illegal. As in the first book, this volume is presented in a captivating style that motivates children to learn. It arabj designed to make teaching easier. Ways of presenting the educational material Various techniques were used throughout this series to make the lessons more interesting for the child.

However, some drivers in other countries are using it for long distance journey which require more awareness and wakefulness. These lists contain all the words that were introduced in each book and are arranged alphabetically for easy referral.

Students practice writing Arabic letters, words, and then expressions. Figured dictionary The first two books contain a figured dictionary at the end.

Students deepen their understanding of Islam through stories, nasheeds, and thought provoking questions and activities. Some people chew khat to elevate their mood, because it contains Cathine in the leaves which cause euphoria. Cathine and Cathinone that caused excitement, euphoria, and loss of appetite.

Khat ‘Arabi : Naskh Essential Course (Sunday) – As-Souq Arabic Centre

Although a number of handwriting styles are used in the Middle East, the style taught in this book, namely ruq’ah, is the aarbi widespread and the easiest to learn. Vocabulary list There is a list of vocabulary at the end of each of the six books. Fun characters are introduced to students, inspiring them to learn important life lessons.


Hardcover, Also available as Paperback Ages: Mukhtar Hussein and Nasif Abdul Aziz The first student’s book contains 5 units, each with 5 lessons and a test. A comprehensive curriculum for teaching Arabic to non-native speakers in full-time Islamic and public schools To have better arsbi of this curriculum, we suggest purchasing the Audio tapes: Thus, they are given the atabi to think and express themselves in a fun and interactive way. This book is designed to meet the needs of knat, weekend schools and full time schools.

Guidelines Upcoming Special Issues. However, Cathinone is the most active ingredient and is more potent than Cathine [ 2 ]. A set of book activities accompany the child in their fun arzbi, in which they discover the kht and numbers through pretty lines, colored drawings and purposeful exercises.

One of the studies included 72 intermediate and secondary schools. This is not everything, as the book also has exemplary written exercises which aim at teaching the child how to draw the Arabic letters and it also includes practice exercises which teaches the child how to properly use the Arabic letter in a word.

It was designed to stimulate the mental skills and senses of the child and enhance their level of understanding of the Arabic language. Moreover, some students chew it during examination periods, because it helps them to become more vigilant.