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With the following single kettlebell workout, you can work on all your strength movements in one session with sets of reps. Despite what people think the RKC is not about kettlebells. Here are five lessons anyone in fitness should take from the philosophy behind the RKC. Dragon Door’s 14lb Russian Kettlebell is an Excellent Choice for Young Adults or Women Who Want to Quickly Transform their Physical Shape—Lose Body Fat.

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The reason for this, is that their use favours not only brute strength grinding lifts, but also ballistic and dynamic movements. There are two ways to re-test. Acceptable hand-coverings for the test include: Which are there more of in the world?

The Dragon Door mission is to enhance global health by building stronger, more mobile and better-balanced bodies. rc

Russian Kettlebell Challenge Certification Requirements

Be Strong First and Foremost? Russian Kettlebell – 14kg 31 lbs. You may choose to audit this course if you are not intending to teach. It is a principle-based physical training system, but it also operates by a second set of principles, those of professionalism. The latter article in particular serves at times as a more cautionary tale of the negative impact on health if one purely pursues strength first and foremost, forsaking everything else in the process.

Thank you, you have successfully signed up for our mailing list s. In this particular case, the choice is Professor Leonid Matveev: Failure to do so results in a “no count” being called by the instructor.


Kettlebells: RKC or SFG? – uthinki

He has worked with hundreds of clients, in…. When we say kettlebell, we mean strength. The RKC is more than just a three-day certification. Weird as that may seem, once people begin to understand them a bit better, kettlebells tend to be known more like the all-in-one gym. Which of the following is Ireland most associated with? Policies Terms Site Map. kegtlebell

Dragon Door originated the modern kettlebell movement inwith its RKC kettlebell instructor programs and premier RKC kettlebells. You have 3 months to retest the skill s that you failed. The instructor will call the rep number upon the proper lockout of both ketttlebell elbow and the knees.

The kettlebellis its weapon of choice. Have you ever died in a dream?

Your adherence to safety rkd professionalism are of the utmost importance and will be taken into account by your instructor when evaluating your teaching performance. Swing, Clean, Snatch, Getup, Press.

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Is this a good question? According to the tenets of Convict C…. My passion is feeling good, being connected to nature, and my own vitality.

Russian Kettlebell – 32kg 70 lbs. I’ve leaned out completely since…. These techniques are tested with a single-arm and performed on both sides: Dragon Door, perhaps in response to this, has sought to move itself strategically away from strength alone, and into a broader more general fitness category.

Inwe launched the groundbreaking PCCoffering the world’s most effective calisthenics instruction, based on the teachings of Convict Conditioning. Item P10T Authentic Russian kettlebell, with rust resistant e-coat.

Kettlebells | Dragon Door

Yet it currently lacks much of the additional networking and new products to promote and sell. Russian Kettlebell – 12kg 26 lbs. Russian Kettlebell Challenge Certification Requirements. It should also be noted that because of their shape, for some exercises kettlebells are ekc to use than traditional weights such as dumbbells and barbells.


So with the exceptions of the get-up and the kettldbell, all other exercises are done with two kettlebells and therefore require a higher level of strength. Within that hour you will instruct two or more kettlebell exercises utilizing regressions and progressions learned throughout the course. For the snatch test, the sum of both kttlebell is scored. Item P10H Authentic Russian kettlebell, with rust resistant e-coat. Pavel is free to focus on what he believes is most important: As part of the exit requirement, both contain the snatch test.

First is to send a video to your Team Leader. Is there an afterlife? Dragon Door, as a publisher, is aiming to maintain and expand its line of products offered and sold. This will necessarily weaken over time. Your performance will be evaluated based on your ability to follow the progressions the step by step process to teach an exercise that you learned as well as on how kettlebdll you implement the corrections associated with that exercise.

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