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Ficus macrophylla, commonly known as the Moreton Bay fig or Australian banyan , is a large evergreen banyan tree of the family Moraceae native to eastern. round_bl, round_br. Ficus villosa Blume. Family Name: Moraceae. Common Names: Shaggy-Leaved Fig, Villous Fig, Kelo. Shaggy-Leaved Fig,Villous Fig, Kelo. Previous ยท Next. Artocarpus teysmannii. Miq. Moraceae. + Synonyms. Artocarpus peduncularis Kurz. Common Name: Artocarpus teysmannii. Male inflorescence.

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These results suggest that the Brazilian jackfruit seeds starches could be used in food products. None of the fractions were active against the fungi tested. Kajian difokuskan pada penentuan jenis Artocarpus apakah yang potensial dalam menginhibisi reaksi tirosinase, serta pelarut organik apakah yang mampu mengekstrak senyawa bioaktif tersebut secara optimum.

Cannabaceae | plant family |

Antiproliferative Effects of Cynara cardunculus L. Leaves karakteristikk simple and dark green. Underutilized crops and their wild relatives are important resources for crop improvement and food morxceae. Transactions and Proceedings of the Botanical Society of Edinburgh. Plant starch is naturally phosphorylated at a fraction of the C6 and the C3 hydroxyl groups during its biosynthesis in plastids.

In addition, this study suggests that compounds 11 and 30 from the wood of A. The branchlets are covered with rust-brown hairs.

Ficus macrophylla – Wikipedia

Concluimos que el extracto acuoso de las hojas de A. The antioxidant capacity of jackfruit Artocarpus heterophyllus Lam. All the maca starches presented B-type X-ray diffraction patterns, with the relative degree of crystallinity ranging from Isolation and identification of mosquito Aedes aegypti biting deterrent fatty acids from male inflorescences of breadfruit Artocarpus altilis Parkinson Fosberg.

Polymorphic microsatellite markers were developed for Artocarpus hypargyreus Moraceaea threatened species endemic to China, to investigate the genetic diversity and structure of the species.

Borneo karaketristik reconstructed as the ancestral range of Artocarpuswith dozens of independent in situ diversification events inferred there, as well as dispersal events to other regions of Southeast Asia. Hypolipidemic effect of aqueous extract krakteristik the moraceaae of Artocarpus altilis “breadfruit” in Rattus norvegicus induced hyperlipidemia. Ultrasound assisted extraction of natural dye from jackfruit’s wood Artocarpus heterophyllus: However, the loss of granule-bound starch synthases during alkali treatment and subsequent alkali cooking in excess water played significant roles in determining granular disintegration.


Macaca nigra used these water resources as drink water sources, bathing places, reducing heat, and as playground areas. Microsatellite loci were isolated and characterized from enriched genomic joraceae of Artocarpus altilis breadfruit and tested in four Artocarpus species and one hybrid. However, the qualities and resulting karakkteristik of existing raw and processed starch do not fully meet future demands for environmentally friendly production of renewable, advanced biomaterials, functional foods, and biomedical Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa semua variable yang dikaji tersebut mempengaruhi reaksi oksidasi pati sukun.

Among these isolated compounds, artocarpin exhibited the strongest antibacterial activity against Gram-positive bacteria, including S. The studied species were: This study comprised 4 treatments and each treatment consisted of 5 replicates, ie groups of mice were fed a standard negative control ; 2 groups: The huge numbers of fruit produced by the Moreton Bay fig make it a key source of food in the rainforest.

Both aqueous and methanolic extracts of fruiting body were analyzed for radical scavenging activity. The Peleg model was used to describe about kinetic model karateristik natural dye extraction. Mitogenic activity of new karakterustik from seeds of wild Artocarpus species from Vietnam. Full Text Available This paper presents basic methods of starch chemical modification, the effect of microwave radiation on the modification process, modaceae the physicochemical properties of starch.

Pemetaan menggunakan analisis cluster memberikan peran penting untuk karakterisyik sifat-sifat tanaman yang dikehendaki. Research to ensure clean and healthy environment Two new chalcones, artocarpusins A and B 1 and 2one new flavone, artocarpusin C 3one new 2-arylbenzofuran derivative, artocarstilene A 4and 15 flavonoids were isolated from the twigs of Artocarpus heterophyllus.

Ficus macrophylla Plant List: Field observations and interviews were used to collect the data of 15 respondents.

The average number of alleles ranges from two to nine within taxa. Among them, compounds, and 10 were karakteristij to have suppression capabilities against CatK with IC 50 values ranging from 1.


Starchtapioca, and sago showed levels of resistant starch ranging from 0. Phenotypically, artocarpin exhibited selective cytotoxicity against human colon cancer cells. Artocarpus heterophyllus, a popular tropical fruit commonly known as the jackfruit tree, is normally planted in subtropical or tropical areas.

Jacalin, the major protein from the jackfruit Artocarpus heterophyllus seeds, is a tetrameric two-chain lectin molecular mass 65 kDa combining a heavy alpha chain of amino acid residues with a light beta chain of amino acid residues.

However, this plant collection could be damaged by a random natural disaster such as a hurricane. A late Cretaceous origin of the Artocarpeae tribe in the Americas is inferred, followed by Eocene radiation of Artocarpus in Asia, with the greatest diversification occurring during the Miocene.


Further, these actions moracwae the sexual behaviour was not due to general toxicity, liver toxicity, stress or reduction in blood testosterone level but due karakteirstik marked sedative activity. Scanning electron microscopy and confocal microscopy revealed the details in topography and internal structures of the starch granules in these lines.

Full Text Available Salah satu sumber bahan pangan lokal yang belum banyak karakteristi, adalah buah sukun Artocarpus Artilis yang cukup banyak terdapat di Indonesia. Therefore, efforts should be made to improve the utilization of breadfruit to process it into more flexible products with better storability, suach as breadfruit starch.

Hypolipidemic effect of aqueous extract from the leaves of Artocarpus altilis ” breadfruit ” in Rattus norvegicus induced hyperlipidemia. Premise of the Research: Dried male inflorescences of breadfruit Artocarpus altilisMoraceae are burned in communities throughout Oceania to repel flying insects, including mosquitoes. The multiple shoots were maintained as stock cultures and repeatedly used to develop whole plants after root differentiation on a basal or an auxin-containing medium.