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Juvenile breast hypertrophy in a year-old girl was treated by bilateral reduction mammoplasty (amputation type) with free transplantation of the areolae and. Many authors cite rapid breast enlargement shortly after the beginning of puberty requiring reduction of more than g as juvenile gigantomastia. Juvenile gigantomastia is a benign disorder of the breast in which one or both of the breasts underg.

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Over the next eight months, both breasts grew abnormally large, and physicians treating her found that her physiological development was normal except for her breasts.

A bilateral reduction mammaplasty with free nipple grafts was performed. Journal of Cellular juveinle Molecular Medicine. In rare cases, a person with gigantomastia may need to have an emergency mastectomy because of complications. The woman was told by a folk healer that her condition may have been caused by a curse.

In some instances after aggressive or surgical treatment, the breast may continue to grow or re-grow, a complete mastectomy may be recommended as a last resort. Subcutaneous mastectomy for juvenile hypertrophy of the breast: The exact mechanism by which gigantomastia occurs in the body isn’t well understood.


A more severe case of virginal breast hypertrophy of an year-old girl was reported in Breast hypertrophy is classified in one of five ways: By using this service, you agree to our terms of use and privacy policy.

What Is Gigantomastia?

The woman’s breasts can generate extraordinary discomfort, turning feverish, red, itchy, and even causing the skin to peel. This is because there is high chance of reoccurrence. No comments yet, be the first to post one! The extremely rapid growth of the breasts can ujvenile in intense heat. Immediately after her first birth, her breasts grew three cup sizes.

Virginal breast hypertrophy of an year-old girl. It can also giganntomastia dangerous infections, body image issues, and pregnancy complications. Skin rashes under the breasts are common, particularly during warm weather.

Juvfnile may be asked to visit your doctor for an evaluation and physical examination every six months during this time. The right breast was removed one month later. A Case Report and Review of the Literature”.

Orphanet: Familial juvenile hypertrophy of the breast

Ask the Expert FAQs. The underlying cause of the rapidly growing breast connective tissue, resulting in gigantic proportions, has not been well-elucidated.


It doesn’t occur in men. Familial juvenile gigantomastia Virginal breast hypertrophy Prevalence: Ina Chilean TV station covered the story of year-old Jasna Galleguillos from Antofagastawho experienced ongoing back pain, making everyday tasks very difficult to perform.

This page was last edited on 11 Octoberat Only a couple hundred cases have been reported in the medical literature. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Hypertrophy of breast. Gigantomastia doesn’t cause cancer and doesn’t spread to other parts of the body.

Juvenile gigantomastia: presentation of four cases and review of the literature.

CS1 Polish-language sources pl CS1: What are the symptoms? Two patients, ages 10 and 12 years, were treated at a young age with reduction mammaplasty, and both of these girls required secondary surgery for treatment.

Some resources distinguish between macromastia Greek, macro: