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Utilizes Jmesa feature as an underlying mechanism so serves managing representation of data in tabular form, filter,sort, paginate, export your. – The Export represents the export type that the user invoked. What you need to do is check to see if an export is being done. If so then just let JMesa output to the response. There are no filters to set up. You can find out.

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jmesa – JavaScript project – developer Fusion

Opinions expressed by DZone contributors are their own. Now we have the images and the links. Conclusion Now I don’t have to like tables: Our tools We’ve got automatic conversion tools to convert C to VB. They look more natural to me this way; your mileage may vary. ImageCellEditor encapsulates the general process of setting up an image with a link, and includes a method that expoet let subclasses override the default jmsea of the link: But recently I discovered an open-source Java library called JMesa that provides another way.

Next, we want the table to know that some columns are unsortable. Contribute Why not write for us?

JMesa is a dynamic HTML table that allows you to filter, sort, paginate, export and edit your data however you need to. All we need do is add an arbitrary value to the column properties list: Customizing And now, to business.


JMesa requires JDK 1.

The Decorator and Template patterns, however, come to the rescue. If your Locale is not currently supported you should consider taking some time to create a messages file and send it to rxport.

Let’s start with some requirements: One more change in jmesa-servlet. The ability to customize is critical. In addition there has been a sighting of JMesa out esport Tech Blog. Don’t get me wrong: The select we’ve already mentioned.

Google Code Archive – Long-term storage for Google Code Project Hosting.

There is some support for Maven in that you can pull the jar from my site. Note that we delegate the messy work of actually rendering the toolbar to the JMesa superclass. It contains a preference called “html. Normally, we’d get them from a persistence service; for now, we’ll just create them in memory: And every bit of this came for free: Some code in the project has been refactored from the way it appears in the article.

This “domain” object should be pretty easy to display:. It allows sorting on any column or combination of columns.

First, we’ll add a property to the messages. If you would like the JMesa jar file in the Maven repositories I have decided to leave it up to the community to finish the work started.

Source Code Commits I hope you’ll take a good look at JMesa and see if it can make your life easier, and that this article helps you decide. There will be edit and delete pages to link to, of course, but these are not of interest here and are completely trivial in the Eclipse project.


To demonstrate, we’ll use the select at the top of the form to change the number of rows displayed to 16, sort by first name ascending and last name descending by clicking on the first column header once and the second exortand mouse over the third row to see the highlighting:. Per user request the javadocs are now online as well! What’s not to like?

Jmesa Plugin

If you want to use another servlet container, though, feel free to modify the instructions and the Ant file as needed: We continue expirt introducing a more user-friendly value into the format column. If the user clicked on the header of that column, he or she would wind up with a very ugly NullPointerException message.

ImageCellEditor encapsulates the general process of setting up an image with a link, and includes a method that will let subclasses override the default processing of the link:.