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Querelle of Brest [Jean Genet] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Querelle is regarded by many critics as Jean Genet’s highest achievement in the novel–certainly one of the landmarks of postwar French literature. The story of a. Jean Genet’s five novels have secured him international recognition as one of the masters’ of modern French fiction. He wrote “Querelle” in the.

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Yale Univeristy Press, The murderer suddenly felt ill at ease. Geneh the ego of youth. I think I was struck by all of the threads of everyone wanting to take hold of everybody else.

It’s a brilliant piece of writing and it certainly left a huge impression on me. In no uncertain terms I can say that the writing is beautiful, almost hypnotically poetic. Still, we queeelle convinced that the true nature of such a phenomenon is sure to be found on the same profound level of psychological being at which the intertwined stories in this book unfold.

Time has to go by better. The upper hand because of who is better looking, or who cares more. Customers who bought this item also bought. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Trivia About Querelle of Brest. It’s more like me kicking myself ahead of time when I don’t make any sense.

Oct 04, Jeff rated it really liked it. The jealousy and wanting to be the other person.

QUERELLE by Jean Genet | Kirkus Reviews

It is a master’s work an It’s been about 2 decades since I read Querelle, but the scenes and poetic style marked me like a tattooed sailor.


If that makes sense. I’ve seen women feel attractive as if they imagine themselves to look like a pretty woman standing next to querells. Mirror-images predominate, the most complex being that of the trapped, rugged figure of Lt. In each genre, he employed a combination of sincerity and irony. There was more to it than that Theo hated what he couldn’t have.

Okay, some of it was because the actors looked like “Okay, if you say they are hot, girls” love interests on The Golden Girls ick to me. Your favorite songs are “the soundtrack to your life”. There’s a problem loading this menu right now.


Paperbackpages. There’s a lot that’s wonderful about this book but it’s also trucated to me in places, and almost seems rushed sometimes.

Well, it’s mind-boggling that Genet could describe it so sensitively and beautifully. I’d certainly recommend this book to anyone interested in Genet or 20th century French literature, but I will admit it left me wanting in places.

It might have been my favorite Genet book if I could just get the cast of the Fassbinder movie out of mind while reading it. He was one of the greatest writers of the 20th century, without a doubt, and possibly the greatest writer working in the French language since Gide to address issues of male sexuality in an unconventional, discursive, manner.

I mean crude in the most noble sense, the transparent ugliness and brutality of the criminal in each of us. Definitely not a good place to appreciate his work. Honestly I could’ve lived without Madame Lysianne as a character altogether, but Jeanne Moreau finds herself caught between not Jules and Jim, but Querelle and Querelle, and discovers herself to be little more than a conduit via which the brothers can enact their fantasies of one another.


Jun 18, Lucio Aru rated it really liked it. Though they celebrate the realm of the Prince of Darkness, they speak the language of an inverted sanctity. I’m resistant to giving in to this is who I really am. I still feel tired same reason. With the city taking the lead, everyone else brings up the proverbial rear: Watson goes on to discuss an interview in Anarchy of the Imagination in which Fassbinder.

Also, I expect if I read it over again, it will grow on me. The book feels like that jazzed up feeling I get only from watching someone very charismatic. Your own life, shared life, the part of you no one will ever touch.

Gil serenades Roger over the noise of the aforementioned video game. A dense maelstrom of the crude and the metaphysical. Somehow this translates to me as different than the IT thing Morrissey has and more a lonely shadowy friendship among others that I have no idea how to tap into if I wanted to. You’ll be mesmerized by it’s beauty.

It’s like asking someone to love their child less than they love you, or their parent. The novel has a similarly anticlimactic end.