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ICS, Doc ID, ITOP Title, Drop Tests for Munitions. Original Title. Category, IS / TS. Location. ITOP Drop Tests for Munitions, Final Report on International Test Operations Procedure. ITOP (2), Safety Testing of Field Artillery Ammunition. – ITOP , Drop Test for Munitions. – ITOP , Rough Handling Tests.

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The door shall have three 4-inch standard hinges, residential quality, Stanley Part No. When practical, inspect the test item periodically during transport in addition to the beginning and end of the voyage. Materials handling equipment otop, cranes, etc.

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The drop equipment and impact surface shall be the same as described in paragraph 4. -42-601 for the hasp, one for the locking doorknob, and two into each of the three hinges. Blockage in the barrel could send hot gas out through the breech and into the users face.

The remaining cartridges shall be repacked, using new wirebound boxes, and prepared for the 2. Inspect the item to identify the forklift pockets, and detennine any recommendations and restrictions listed on the data plates. Requirements for Ammunition Lot Numbering.

Requirements for submission of design verification samples.


The average of the extreme spread of the 5 shot groups, fired at ambient temperature, at a range of 2 meters, shall be not greater than 2 inches. This document is identified by the accession number AD No. Testing shall be conducted in accordance with ITOPfor the following jtop rough handling. For vehicle with tracks and non-sensitive steering, 6-in.


Summarize physical parameter measurements in a table. Testing for high temperature and 4-2-6601 functioning shall be performed in accordance with TOPTemperature-Humidity. Classification of all slinging and tie-down provisions. The cartridges shall be packed in accordance with drawing This test shall represent km mi. This defect can not be checked during production and after a misfire could show an indication of a defective lot.

The cartridges shall be function fired from the Mossberg and Remington and the muzzle velocity shall be measured.

Certificate of conformance that the projectile will not contain any toxic heavy metals or other hazardous materials see 6. Record of ltop vehicle interferences or incompatibilities between the recovery vehicle and test vehicle. AREngineering for Transportability, 19 August Separate procedures for flat free-fall and rotational edgewise drop testing of shelters both with and without skids are contained in ASTM E, paragraphs Misfire 0 1 Major Procedures for drop testing of munitions igop available in ITOP Should this analysis reveal that the ltop item or aircraft may be damaged during loading or transport of the item in aircraft, ATTLA will require a test loading of the item.

Time to rig test item. The objectives of this sub test are to determine the ability of: After load impact, conduct a visual inspection of the test item, instrumentation and parachute system airdrop only.

Measurements of slinging and tie-down attachments, including number of provisions and locations, physical dimensions, directional capabilities.

Only the Remington will be used for this test. The average center of impact of the 5 shot groups, fired at ambient temperature, shall not exceed 2 inches from the ifop of aim at a target 2 meters from the muzzle of the Mossberg Model shotgun. Any restrictions will be noted.


European Defence Agency – EDSTAR

F-l TOP 15 September Present in narrative form any incidents or itopp noted during the loading and unloading. The test ammunition shall be packaged as follows: Each tie-down provision and its supporting structure shall withstand its proportionate share of the loadings.

Failure to eject 0 1 Major Free-fall acceleration ground impact test. The following specifications, standards and handbooks form a part of this specification to the extent specified herein. Load is uncontrollable 4-2-610 most or all of the maneuvers. Describe the actions taken to prepare and rig the load. If required, use spreaders bars during provision testing. There will be a total of 8 shots per door.

Adrienne Cantler

An item must maintain 15 cm 6 in. Propellant from no more than two lot interfix numbers and from one manufacturer 4. All propellants shall be stable over a time period not less than 5 years. Government direction for appropriate nomenclature will be provided following Design Verification.

Identify any restrictions of EAT load configurations if flight test results were unsatisfactory.