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Watch what it’s like to shoot an IDPA match. IDPA MATCH RULES. Curious about the match rules, scoring, and what you need to do before shooting a match ?. New IDPA Rulebook – Ontelaunee IDPA – March – 1. I like to think of myself as one of the few USPSA Shooters that can discuss IDPA. Old (Historical) IDPA Rule Books rulebook (The “Flat-Footed Reload Rule Book”). July 6, – The Little Brown Book (April, to October, ).

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Latest version of IDPA rule book etc | IDPA Newfoundland & Labrador

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Stuart Hero Member Posts: New IDPA rulebook is posted. One highlight is SSP has a new weight limit of 43 ounces. Guess what is legal for the division now?


SP 01 Shadow, that what. Glad to hear IDPA changed the rules. I’ve been shooting mine in our little local matches,,, too bad I’m not good enough to shoot in any larger matches where they might actually look at the gun vs.


It makes weight now, but are there enough made every year to pass this test? The SP shadow has been legal you just need plastic grips, 10 round mags, spring steel mag break.

The 43 ounce max will give you more options in grips, steel guide rods, and heavier mags which are great options! Of greater importance, at least to me is that my 97 will now be cdp legal by meeting ssp requirements!!!

IDPA Rulebook

The membership here helped contribute to this new rule change. I’ll be keeping an eye out Funny, I have a 75 shadow and an sp shadow and I usually prefer the It just feels a little better balanced and weighted in my bookk. I have a 75 Shadow too.

If I see any go up for sale Well, maybe I could use a spare if the price is right. I think shooters who have them will keep the 75 Shadows.

Concerns Surrounding the New IDPA Rulebook – Walt In PA

If at first you do succeed – try to hide your astonishment. Won’t be giving up my 75 Shadow without a fight. IDescribe Hero Member Posts: Not sure what you meant by “man enough”!


But you better believe I will be running my 97 in CDP. Keep in mind it’s not legal until October when the new rules take effect because my 97b won’t make it to 39 ounces old ssp requirements but will make it under 43 ounces new ssp requirements without a problem. I’ve ruld messing around with 20113 97 and it’s just about all tricked out and ready to run.

May give it a go this weekend in a local match just for fun. With the extended controls of the Shadow is it really lagal in SSP