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Sweet Tooth has ratings and reviews. In this stunning new novel, Ian McEwan’s first female protagonist since Atonement is about to learn that. 28 Aug Ian McEwan’s ‘Sweet Tooth’ is a smoothly contrived spy story. 26 Aug Serena Frome (“rhymes with plume”), the narrator of Ian McEwan’s twelfth novel, is a beautiful blonde Oxbridge graduate who is recruited to.

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mcrwan But she is recruited, by way of an affair with a retread professor, into the secretarial pool of ,cewan. What was wrong with our generation? Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. I’m equivocating – I can’t quite commit to saying that I think Sweet Tooth is a great book sweer I found it a bit too smug to buy a theme of the power of literature as some reviews have claimed – there was too much stifled laughter mcwan indulgent sweet tooth ness for something so grand.

Because I’m vaguely disturbed by McEwan’s apparent mocking of readers the “basest of readers”while at the same time allowing Serena to assume she’s an ideal reader, one who is knowledgeable and well-read – because she reads fast and indiscriminately. Serena’s job gets marginally intriguing when she and Shirley are dispatched to a London topth and instructed to clean the place up–a civilian maid service hardly appropriate for the job.

What surprises you about her character? By employing this metafictive approach McEwan can intentionally make some things and events ring inauthentic, as there us no “authentic” narrator – we are reading a novel written by a man, narrated by a woman who is revealed to be a man pretending to be that woman. For the moment the book arrived and I read the first paragraph, I breathed a huge sigh of pleasure, set aside the book I was already on, and set down to enjoy this one.


My book group chose this book, and I determined to read it, even though I’m not generally dweet fan of “postmodern” British fiction. Telling her parents she’s considering the Civil Service, Serena is being groomed by Canning for an interview with the Security Service, MI5, where he has contacts. A mulher que sabe o que quer e que quando a adversidade a toca, se transforma e muda o seu destino.

Each page of his books, and Sweet Tooth is no exception, makes me swoon a little. How does this compare to the critique of the book by Serena or other employees of MI5? Since both Serena and Thomas tloth passionate about literature – one a reader, the other a writer – their characters at times feel as if they serves as a device for the author to contrast two different viewpoints on certain issues, not two authentic human beings that interact with one another.

So that is what I did for half an hour on Christmas Eve, I worshipped mcwwan, I thought about our times together, his strong yet childlike body, our growing fondness, his work, and how I might help.

Sweet Tooth by Ian McEwan: review

Non uno dei suoi migliori, ma comunque un buon McEwan. I’ve read all of Mvewan short stories and novels, and it’s only now that I can see why his endings bother some readers including readers like his main character, Serena.

Who is betrayed or deceived in the novel? Sometimes he seems interested in using the relationship between spy and author as a metaphor for the intricate dance of concealment and trust that goes on between a reader and a writer. Having recently been disappointed by Simon Mawer’s Trapezeabout a similarly sheltered girl recruited as a spy, I was deeply pleased that McEwan seemed to be doing it right.

Instead, they abandoned me, or died on me. With luck, you and I might even still be around to celebrate that outcome. Meet vigilante Dylan Hunter in this “masterwork of thrills and suspense. And I suppose I was, in my mindless way, looking for a something, version of myself, a heroine I could slip inside as one might a pair of favourite shoes. Don’t I read too fast albeit with discernment to spare? Thomas Haley, pursuing a doctorate in literature in Brighton.


Sweet Tooth by Ian McEwan – review | Books | The Guardian

What do the two novels share in common? Show 25 25 50 All. They forgive one another for their mutual deceits. There are no lacunae that require filling iaan by me.

Ian McEwan Website: Sweet Tooth

Podcast Guardian Books podcast: That end is too long in arriving, arch izn it is. Serena inevitably become romantically involved with her unwitting dupe with a series of interesting consequences. It was interesting to learn that the setting of this novel is not so fictional. What does it mean to betray?

Sweet Tooth by Ian McEwan – review

The three-day week, trade union dominance, the Winter of Discontent and the inexorable rise of Margaret Thatcher are detailed in this well-researched retrospective.

In this world of intelligence gathering, there seems to be very little intelligence and a great deal of petty office politicking and paper polishing.

Yet, with all its flaws Sweet Tooth is a clever piece of work, which gives its author a way of protecting himself against these criticism. It is as much about the act of writing as it is about spying.