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Help document: HyperMesh > User’s Guide > Browsers >. Model Browser. HyperWorks. Starter Manual. March Page 5. General Remarks (II). HyperWorks HMD Introduction 11 Proprietary Information of Altair Engineering, Inc. Chapter 1: Basics HyperMesh Desktop Settings Files HyperWorks. ii. Introduction to solidThinking. solidThinking, Inc. Intersection, Make .. Introduction to solidThinking. Step 4: Increase or decrease the shading quality. 1.

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You can perform similar actions on other type of plates.

Observe where the model has incorrect connectivity and missing or duplicate surfaces. Add a ring of radial elements around the smaller of the two holes. The numerous challenges with respect to NVH driven by the introduction of new technologies can be mitigated by means of extensive utilization of CAE delivering products faster to the market.

To merge these three plates into single planar plate specify plate type as planar. Hpyermesh delete a single dimension manipulator, open its input field, delete its content and close it. Verify that the active selector is set to point s.

Hypermesh Manual | Gonzalo Anzaldo Muñoz –

The user picks the functionality within the panel that is desired by picking the appropriate subpanel radio button. Make note of the areas to be worked on: Removing Surface Fillets 1. Select the file 01a-GUI. Notice each side of the part shows red and blue.

The elements will be created on the mid-plane of the part. At the very least, when you find a hidden entity, it will be displayed.

The hypermesu are the red segments that connect points on the initial surface with the points where the surface must be offset. Altair trademarks are protected under U. Fixed points to be removed HyperWorks Mesh the part with an element size of 5. For a recent project requiring optimization of a mounting structure of a medium sized PV field with a power of 5 MW, engineers used HyperWorks.


Altair’s MDO Tutoria is a novel set of software tools that provides a process to rapidly set up, execute, post-process and explore the design of MDO problems. Basics HyperMesh Desktop 4.

HyperWorks 11.0 HyperMesh Core Tutorials

These stages are outlined below. The Normals futorial can be accessed in the following ways: Searches for rounded edge corner and squares them off. Geometry Other functionality in this tab: Now delete the mesh. The exercise in this section focuses on the standard and volume tetra meshing methods. Select the edge fillets sub-panel. Automatic 2D Meshing 1. Try tutrial identify gaps in the continuity of the mesh. HyperWorks Brochure Altair HyperWorks is the most comprehensive, open tutoriao CAE simulation platform in the industry, offering the best technologies to design and optimize high performance, weight efficient and innovative products.

Because the geometry consists of thin planar sections, it is assumed that it will be modeled for FEA as shell elements. Download Customer Story Share: Identifies part symmetry and deletes or organizes the results. The edges of the free boundary faces can be swapped. The surface can be trimmed with two nodes, with multiple nodes, or with a node normal to and edge. Basics HyperMesh Desktop 6. The model is then prepared for the analysis with information the solver hutorial need to perform its calculations.

In the graphics area, select the overhanging surface shown in the picture below.

HyperWorks 11.0 Composite Optimization Tutorial – Formula-Student-Monocoque

Use toggle to equivalence the other edges shown in the image Area where free edges need to be toggled 4. Notice that several elements on the triangular rib and around the smaller of the two holes have a jacobian of less than 0. To merge the two remaining internal ribs, repeat steps 2. Using the Status Bar: Basics HyperMesh Desktop Display Toolbars Display Toolbar The display and masking tools allow the user to show and hide select entities that might interfere with the desired visualization.


The Design Revolution Offered by Combining Additive Manufacturing with Simulation Driven Design Topology optimization is a computer based calculation procedure which can design mechanically stressed component structures in such a way that the highest possible rigidity can be achieved with minimal material usage. Leave the remaining settings and pick the surface shown by the blue arrow picture above.

HyperMesh will, when creating the tetra mesh, flip the diagonal of the 2D elements if it deems the resulting tetra mesh will be of a higher quality with the flip. A larger tolerance must be specified to identify the rest of the nodes.

A green dot will appear at the selected node showing that N1 has been defined there. The Element Quality View tool determines the quality of each element using the 2D element criteria that you defined in the Multiple Criteria legend. Select the surface shown in the picture below to remove the round edge. Experiment with options, including the following: Click near a node Note the small square moves to the node selected and becomes the new center of rotation.

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