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47 — Oppression — HEXAGRAM NUMBER FORTY-SEVEN –. OPPRESSION. Other titles: Exhaustion, The Symbol of Repression and Confinement, Adversity. I Ching Hexagram 47 – The embarrassment – Circumstances or appearances play a negative role. Justifying oneself is useless, one will be understood later. Archetype Oppression. CR P02 C47 A Therefore they set taskmasters over them to oppress them with forced labor. They built supply cities, Pithom and.

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The Lake represents a sense of trying to contain fulfillment, while the Abysmal Water suggests a source that is inexhaustible.

To set forth brings misfortune. So stupid is line one that by her own action she increases her distress.

He comes slowly, oppressed in a golden carriage. Not yet appropriate indeed. These conditions indicate the repression of good men by adversity. Be open and provide what is needed. Thus the superior man will sacrifice his life to attain his purpose.

You are confined by oppressive duties and burdensome thoughts. It follows that only the illusion that they can’t be cast off prevents liberation. His nose and feet are chopped off owing to difficulties with a vermillion sash-wearer man of high rankbut joy may come in time.

There are words that are not trustworthy. The first is its descent; the second, the evil done after arrival here below. But their words do not make impressions on people. Changes to 6 Conflict.


This inner re-grouping lets your real purpose shine. He is thus wounded from above and below, especially the minister in the fourth line with his scarlet knee covers.

By working to overcome problems inwardly, and committing to move forward without despair, progress is still possible. During a time of oppression or punishment all you can do is to learn from the situation and ensure that your spirit is not broken. Help is on its way.

When, therefore, we find ourselves in a difficult situation to which there is no solution, he can sometimes kindle a light that radically alters our attitude — the very attitude that led us into the difficult situation. He is unable to solve the ordinary problems of life and develop his basic principles. I never a response from the members about this so if you see this and can help I’d appreciate it!

Have the will to sacrifice an option to relieve your oppression. One loses their means so they have to ask those they had neglected for help. Seizing tending-towards star thistles.

The Image The old character shows a tree inside an enclosure, a big mouth or ramshackle house that threatens to engulf it. The image is of a man who has gone on a walk in order to wrestle with a personal dilemma involving a relationship with his partner.

…life can be translucent

Though words be spoken, they will not inspire confidence. We see the attribute of Perilousness in the lower trigram going on to Cheerfulness in the upper.


This inner re-balancing lets you make your way in life. Voice of the Mothers You are oppressed by conventional ideas. The source of common good is like an old neglected well. In this situation instant gratification or the search for pleasure has become more important than obtaining lasting fulfillment or making the sacrifice needed for real happiness. This Cheerfulness hezagrama be underestimated. The only pathway to authentic Joy is in admitting that you may need to face the truth about the situation.

Put yourself in order. This clarity and learning is the silver lining of dark clouds. One is not believed but if they show their dedication, then they will be listened hdxagrama.

Line 3 Indecision in times of adversity only brings more misfortune. His bottom is oppressed by the bare tree.

47 Confining/Oppression KUN | I Ching: Mothering Change

Before joining others, one has to satisfy the demands of their benefactors. He comes across a tree whose position annoys him, so in his frustration he kicks at it, stubbing his toe. Not visualizing one’s consort. One image of oppression is a dried-up lake bed with scavenger crows stalking the shoreline.

The third line, able either to advance or retreat, advances and is distressed.