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01/11/Hans-Hermann Hoppe Democracy-The God that Failed is a brilliant and unflinching work that will be of intense interest to scholars and students of. Democracy: The God that Failed by Hoppe 12/04/Hans-Hermann Hoppe. The Economics and Politics of Monarchy, Democracy, and Natural Order. Democracy has ratings and 58 reviews. Jason said: Hoppe’s argument is essentially a well-executed follow through of Etienne de la Boetie’s call to s.

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As these experiments prove to be far more successful than the wasteful and crumbling modern states that are already in the early stages of their death throes, more and more free cities can help society transition from the failed nation state model to liberty. The world-wide ratio of beef to pork spending is 2: Oct 12, Monica Perez rated it it was amazing Shelves: Property and property titles are distinct entities, and an increase of the latter without a corresponding increase of the former does not raise social wealth but leads to a redistribution of existing wealth.

But he seems aware of them. Its methodology is axiomatic-deductive, allowing the writer to derive economic and sociological theorems, and then apply them to interpret historical events.

Democracy: The God That Failed – Wikipedia

From the viewpoint of those who prefer less exploitation over more and who value farsightedness and individual responsibility above shortsightedness and irresponsibility, the historic transition from monarchy to democracy represents not progress but civilizational decline.

We also took some time to discuss political ideals, as is normal for university students. The ho;pe writes that an absolute monarchy gives the king property rights over the entire country: Wilson had reserved this fate for Austria. The book is very accessible — it’s thr collection of 13 essays, each of which can stand alone.

All in yhe, great, well-written even if repetitive at timesand well worth a read. Siguiendo el sendero abierto por Murray Rothbard. I think the case for monarchy or some kind of limited franchise republicanism is well made. Daher muss diesem endlosen Wachstum systematisch entgegen gewirkt werden.

At times he also implies, though to my memory never democrcay explicitly, that he subscribes to theories of scientific racism. One of the most inspiring things I find about Hoppe’s writing is that we really don’t even need geographically defined free cities to consider if his ideas will be successful.


The principle advantage that the political economist and philosopher has over the mere hans-hermabn and the benefits to be gained from the study of political economy and philosophy by the historian is his knowledge of pure – a priori – social theory, which enables him to avoid otherwise unavoidable errors in the interpretation of sequences of complex historical data and present a theoretically corrected or “reconstructed,” and a decidedly critical or “revisionist” account of history.

It also makes the case that monarchy, and even feudalism, are preferable alternatives to democracy and are typically closer to the private property ideal. I love the gd of economic theory to develop political theory, and to top it off, the use of empiricism to show how this political theory is in fact what has happened in the last years.

To the contrary, based on an understanding of the actual historical events and personalities hans-hermanb, the question concerning the most likely alternative course of history can be answered in detail and with considerable confidence.

Hans-Hermann Hoppe

It is an interesting concept purely for its shock value though, as the idea that a kingship might theoretically be preferable to a democracy is so unintuitive that it’s normally beyond consideration. Es handelt sich um eine weitgehend sachliche Analyse der Demokratie, auch wenn diese mit einer klaren politischen Haltung verbunden ist. They just preserve liberty longer than democracies. Instead, the United States has emerged as the world’s leading democfacy.

Hoppe advocates for a natural order anarchy that is pioneered by small pockets of individuals who care not for the state’s control and seek to live in freedom.

Democracy: The God That Failed by Hans-Hermann Hoppe

Goppe might be a con depending on your political persuasion, but I’m much more prone to enjoy an author who isn’t afraid to share his radical beliefs proudly and logically. May 25, Matt Bianco rated it really liked it Shelves: In general he is a bit of a nasty elitist.

To say that something is “necessary” and can be recognized as such “a priori”is not to claim that one is infallible. This would further falied up interest rates. In this section, Hoppe really shows the benefits that a set in place ruler has over those who rule quick and dirty. What starts out as an argument against democracy eventually devolves into an argument for an anarcho-capitalist society run by multinational insurance companies.


However, while they have proven exceptionally perceptive and farsighted in these endeavors especially in comparison to their empiricist-positivist counterpartsneither Mises nor Rothbard made a systematic thw to search for a cause of hans-hermanj decline of classical liberal thought and laissez-faire capitalism and the concomitant rise of anti-capitalist political ideologies and statism during the 20th century. Hoppe destroys countless myths about democracy and the state.

Quite to the contrary. However, this does not make the question meaningless or the answer arbitrary. There are extensive footnotes, including quotes from other works and references to those works. In short, monarchical government is reconstructed theoretically as privately owned government, which in turn is explained as promoting future-orientedness and a concern for capital values hans-herman economic calculation by the government ruler.

Children prefer McDonald’s over Burger King. I had wondered what went wrong and when and started to think maybe it was more WWI than the Civil War, then I thought further, where did the founders thatt wrong? Democratic government is reconstructed as publicly owned government, which dempcracy explained as leading to present-orientedness and a disregard or neglect of capital values in government rulers, and the transition from monarchy to democracy is interpreted accordingly as civilizational decline.

Articles of Interest

This book is a political weapon in the form of a sawed-off shotgun aimed at the mind of any advocator of democracy and any skeptic of a stateless society. Without private property in factors of production there can be no factor prices, and without factor prices cost-accounting is impossible. Preview — Democracy by Tye Hoppe. The complete lack of political correctness.

Furthermore, the following studies share with Mises and especially Rothbard a fundamental and robust anti-statist and pro-private property and free enterprise position. Hoppe’s truly unique observation to me is his analysis of how democratic governments which include any form of representative government make this problem much worse.