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The following is a collection of 40 Hadith Qudsi. But what is Hadith Qudsi and how do they differ from other Hadith? The following discussion is given in the. hadise kudsi is an bangla islamic app which is collection of sahih hadith qudsi in bangla. This hadise kudsi bangla hadith app is designed to provide authentic. authority, but the authority in Ahadith Qudsi is attributed to. through the Prophet rLJ ~.u.J1 uL.. The distinction between the Qur’ an and Ahadith Qudsi.

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From what do they ask protection of Me? On the authority of Uqbah ibn Amir may Allah be pleased with himwho said: LOL Main Portal about portfolio blog contact.

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I am not in a position [to do that] – and he will mention his having requested something of his Lord about which he had no [proper] knowledge Quran Chapter 11 Versesand he will feel ashamed and will say: This is between Me and My servant, and My servant shall have what he has asked for. And do not regard those who have been killed in the cause of Allah as dead, rather are they alive with their Lord, being provided for Quran Chapter 3 Verse There was amongst those before you a man who had a wound.

BoxAldahieh, Kuwait. I am so self-sufficient that I am in no need of having an associate. So Allah judged between them, [saying]: Allah mighty and sublime be Hehad said: My servant has himself forestalled Me; I have forbidden him Paradise.


We have come from some servants of Yours on Earth: AppLock – Lock privacy apps. Then he will be ordered to be dragged along on his face until hangla is cast into Hell-fire. Allah mighty and sublime be He said: On the authority of Adiyy ibn Hatim may Allah be pleased with himwho said: Being frightened of You and because of that He forgave him. Allah has written down the good deeds and the bad ones.

O My servants, were the first of you hadihh the last of you, the human of you and the jinn of you to be as wicked as the most wicked heart of any one man qudxi you, that would not decrease My kingdom in anything. Their souls are in the insides of green birds having lanterns suspended from the Throne, roaming freely in Paradise where they please, then taking shelter in those lanterns.

Then 1 one of you will surely stand before Allah, there being no screed between Him and him, nor an interpreter to translate for him. If there is something defective in his obligatory prayers, the Lord glorified and exalted be He will say: Thus Qur’an is superior to it because, besides being revealed, it is His wording. So they will come to Adam and will say: Then He will say to him: On the authority of Masruq, who said: By your glory, no one hears of it without entering it.


O son of Adam, were your sins to reach the clouds of the sky and were you then to ask forgiveness of Me, I would forgive you. When the servant says: Did I not bring you wealth? It is related by al-Bukhari also by Malik and an-Nasa’i. O My servants, you will sudsi attain harming Me so as to harm Me, and will not attain benefitting Me so as to benefit Me.

সহিহ হাদিস কুদসি Hadis Bangla – Download

As for him who said: As for penury, the Hour Day of Judgement will not arrive before one of you takes his charity around without finding anyone to accept it from him.

There are three 1 whose adversary I shall be on the Day of Resurrection: So he returned to Him and said: My servant has glorified Me – and on one occasion He said: Or the hadith might be a story about something that happened during his lifetime. You have lied – you did but fight that it might be said [of you]: Allah glorified and exalted be He has supernumerary angels who rove about seeking out gatherings in which Allah’s name is being invoked: