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Guarianthe skinneri habitus. Costa Rica. Guarianthe skinneri habitus. Guarianthe skinneri flowers. Guarianthe skinneri flower. Guarianthe. Easter would not be Easter without Cattleya skinneri. This delightful small- flowered Cattleya species always produces an abundance of bright. Guarianthe skinneri is native to Southern Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador , Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. It is one of the most.

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Petals of the Catteley Skinneri are sometimes colored alba and coerulea but these are considered hybrids.

It dkinneri a medium sized, bifoliate epiphyte, which reaching a height of 50 cm, with fusiform to clavate, 35 cm long, sometimes up to 50 cm long pseudobulbs carrying 2, apical, oblong to elliptic, obtuse to acute, 20 cm long and about 5 cm wide leaves. Skinner’s Guarianthe blooms in the winter through spring and occasionally in the fall on a terminal, to You can use small pots or baskets filled with a very thick, loose, fast-drying substrate that allows the roots to dry quickly after watering.

It is one of the most popular orchids in Costa Rica and has even been recognized as a national flower. Nowhere in Costa Rica is there a more beautiful variety of flora than in the Guanacaste region.

Costa Rica National Flower – Guarianthe Skinneri

Only this side of the volcano has blue rivers and natural mineral hot springs. During Lenten and Holy Week, the churches of Costa Rica skijneri brightly decorated with this mildly scented purple flower. This Laeliinae -related article is a stub.


Oncidium Twinkle orchid hybrid plant care and culture. Find vendors of orchid plants, seedlings, supplies, greenhouses, fertilizers, watering equipment, potting mixes, lighting setups and other orchid-related products.

Costa Rica National Flower. Machine translation like Deepl or Google Translate is a useful starting guatianthe for translations, but translators must revise errors as necessary and confirm that the translation is accurate, rather than simply copy-pasting machine-translated text into the English Wikipedia. Views Read Edit View history.

Guarianthe skinneri care and culture

Exact name of German article]]; see its history for attribution. It is recommended to use smaller pots sufficient for years growth, because the substrate in larger pots stays wet for too long after watering. A fertilizer with a high nitrogen content is beneficial from spring to mid-summer, and a fertilizer richer in phosphorus should be used in late summer and autumn.

Historically the Guarianthe Skinneri was first recorded in a publication by botanist James Bateman, entitled the Orchids of Mexico and Guatemala, Be sure to take the garden and bird watching tours.

Colors of the hybrid are variable and range from coral through cream-colored. From our shop More from our shop. Though exporting orchids without a permit is illegal in Costa Rica, the Guaris Skinneri is seen less often in the wild today. Your physical location; where you grow your plants, how much time you have to devote to their care, guxrianthe many other factors, will need to be taken into account.


It is a thermophilic plant. If possible, verify the text with references provided in the foreign-language article. Tillandsia xerographica, also called as The King of Air Plants, is a species of the genus Tillandsia.

While standard “cattleya culture” will do fine for growing Gur. Several synonyms are know for this s Cattleya skinneri Bateman Cattleya laelioides Lem.

Guarianthe skinneri – Wikipedia

This orchid hybrid is credited to William Whitmore Fertilization should be limited or should be completely abandoned until spring, when stronger watering resumes. Watering for Guarianthe skinneri in winter is limited, but it must not be allowed to remain dry for a long time. Or just relax on your balcony in the hammock, soak gusrianthe our natural hot springs, take a mud bath, massage, walk the botanical and butterfly gardens.

There are a number of color forms in addition to the typical orchid-lavender, notably alba and coerulea. Guarianthe skinneri also called as Skinner’s Guarianthe, Cattleya skinneri, Cattleya laelioides, Cattleya deckeri, Epidendrum huegelianum, Cattleya pachecoi, is guwrianthe species of the genus Guarianthe.

Of course, one of the most attractive characteristics of this orchid is that even un-awarded examples can put on a spectacular display. Cattleya deckeri Klotzsch Epidendrum huegelianum Rchb.