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Kettlebell Sport Biomechanics: Trajectory of elite kettlebell sport athletes all top level Girevoy (kettlebell) sport athletes perform some type of cross training. A Kettlebells article from Dragon Door Publications: Navigating Girevoy Sport Training by Lorraine Patten, RKC. Kettlebell lifting, in one form or another, has been part of strength training since ancient times. Weights with handles have been used.

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And so it started. If you are, just go for it”.

That’s our gift to you, when you sign up today for Dragon Door’s essential newsletters: I chose a number that was too high and wound up doing snatches each and every workout. I’m thrilled that I’m slowly improving and hell, it keeps me off the streets.

Tenacity splrt the key and you can learn a lot about yourself during the process. Of course long sets of swings are also imperative. Now, they are certainly not the best numbers in our country today. I prefer to compete and train giirevoy long cycle because I feel that the clean and jerk movement is a complete full body effort. Anyway, prior to the meet he mentioned to me that if you were accustomed to a certain kettlebell, you would experience a 20 percent drop in your total if you use another type of kettlebell such as the competition bells.


Almost all the top-end kettlebell athletes are from Russia.

Girevoy kettlebell sport is a grueling sport that challenges an athlete’s physical and mental ability. Perseverance and patience are the traits necessary for GS.

The traditional sport consists of competing for ten-minute sets in two disciplines: We are not EliteFitness. In that book, Pavel asks that we only do two things so I gave it a try and it worked nicely.

They are our talented female athletes and the secret weapons for the future. Low reps with the number of sets dictated by how I’m spory. Such hindsight always makes me feel silly. With Steve’s help I made some progress.

Girevoy Sport Science

When I’m at home I’ll use kettlebells and alternate heavy cleans, presses, front squats jerks, swings and get-ups intelligently. Work patiently until you have overcome that weakness and you’ll find that it no longer exists but there will be another in its place.

New Years Sales Event: I may do a bit more on the left, as it is my weak side – maybe 12 sets. An example would be – ten sets of seven snatches on the right side with second rests. I also do not snatch during the first month.

  ISO 13919-2 PDF

How To Program Your Training for Kettlebell Sport

And four weeks later my 16kg kettlebell arrived. I was aiming for between and snatches in San Diego and it wasn’t much of a surprise for me to combine both arms and get Here is how my training is cycled now.

Twenty people decided to give it a whirl and on May 15th, we did just that in a field in Virginia. I must say that making progress, no matter how small, feels girevoh. Andy68, a former member of the dragondoor forum, came to my rescue. The snatch is a single bell movement that requires an athlete to propel the bell from a hanging position directly overhead into a lockout position.

Since one could substitute dumbbells I reluctantly decided to spring for the book. Now, what aport made a tremendous difference for me is to once again address only one side at a time. I’m lucky to have my own business and my lovely staff knows where to find me during down time.

Volume Phase – I spend two months trying to increase my snatching volume.