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Geographica has 9 ratings and 1 review. ‘Geographica’ potrebbe essere considerato il punto di partenza di un viaggio alla scoperta di un viaggio alla sc. THE present translation of Strabo, the great Geographer of Antiquity, is the first which has been laid before the English public. It is curious that a classic of so. Google is proud to partner with libraries to digitize public domain materials and make them widely accessible. Public domain books belong to the public and we .

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The first Greek edition was published in in Venice. Knowledge of geometry is required to understand geography. Harbours of AlexandriaPharos Island. Attacks the credibility of PytheasGeogaphicaAntiphanes. Even on the subject of Italy, where he lived for a long time, Strabo did not himself contribute more than a few scattered impressions.

Strabo studied under several prominent teachers of various specialties throughout his early life [n 3] at different stops along his Mediterranean travels. Soon thereafter Ptolemy collated a large amount of information about…. I determined to write the present treatise also; for this work is based on the same plan, and is addressed to the same class of geographoca, and particularly to men of exalted stations in life.

Elmar marked it as to-read Apr 09, The western approaches to the Caspian Sea. This section is empty.

William added it Dec 28, He moved to Rome in 44 bce to study with Tyrannion, the former tutor of Ciceroand atrabo Xenarchus, both of whom were members of the Aristotelian school of philosophy. Book III — Iberian peninsula [ edit ]. Please note that our geogrqphica may strab some formatting changes or correct spelling or grammatical errors, and may also contact you if any clarifications are needed.

You can make it easier for us to review gekgraphica, hopefully, publish your contribution by keeping a few points in mind. Tess marked it as to-read Sep 11, He believes the Romans scorned to invade Britain as being worthless. The sea determines the contours of the land.

And it is not merely the small, but the large islands also, and not merely the islands, but the continents, which can be lifted up together with the sea; and both large and small tracts may subside, for habitations and cities, like Bure, Bizona, and many others, have been engulfed by earthquakes.


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Full text of “The geography of Strabo”

Igrowastreesgrow marked it as to-read Jun 12, This article is about the Greek geographer. There are then no further references to him until 17 cewhen he attended the triumph of the Roman general Germanicus Caesar 15 bce to 19 ce in Rome.

Despite Xenarchus’s Aristotelian leanings, Strabo later gives evidence to have formed his own Stoic inclinations. Calculations of distances between parallels and meridians passing through various places in the habitable world, according to various geographers: The emergence of geography: The value of firsthand observations, chosen from the sources with care, compensates, however, for his lack of originality and contemporaneousness.

Moreover, from his own first-hand experience, Athenodorus provided Strabo with information about regions of the empire which he would not otherwise have known.

Strabo: The Geography

Some geographixa concluded by looking at these places that there is a good reason for calling Dionysus by the name “Phrygenes” [16]. Its numerous quotations from technical literature, moreover, provide a remarkable account of the state of Greek geographical scienceas well as of the history of the countries it surveys. His official duties, however, added to his anxious examination of every thing which tended to illustrate his author, prevented his proceeding with much speed; and it was only gekgraphica the lapse of three years that he had reached the end of the sixth book.

Tides of the Ocean. Strabo visited Rome in 44 Strwbo at age 19 or 20 apparently for purposes of education. THE present translation of Strabo, the great Geographer of Antiquity, is the first which has been laid before the English public. Alexandra Lazar marked it as to-read May 30, geogdaphica The Nile in Ethiopia. Open Preview See a Problem? Unicode Buckwalter transliteration View by Default: Writing about Greece, in Books VIII to X, he still relied upon Artemidorus, but the bulk of his information was taken geogarphica two commentators of Homer — Apollodorus of Athens 2nd century bce and Demetrius of Scepsis born about bce —for Strabo placed great emphasis on identifying the cities named in the Greek epic the Iliad.


He studied under various persons, including Tyranniona captive educated Greek and private tutor, who instructed Cicero ‘s two sons.

Learn More in these related Britannica articles: We must, therefore, ascribe the cause to the ground, either to that ground which is under the sea, or to that which becomes flooded by it, but rather to that which lies beneath the sea, for this is more moveable, and, on account of its humidity, can be altered with great celerity.

Strabo showed himself equally competent in selecting useful information—giving distances from city to city and mentioning the frontiers between countries or provinces as well as the main agricultural and industrial activities, political statutes, ethnographic peculiarities, and religious practices.

Strabo | Greek geographer and historian |

Critiques Poseidonius, who criticises Parmenides and Aristotle on the widths and locations of the five zones. Its first two provided a wide-ranging review of previous writings, and the other 15 contained descriptions of particular parts of what was then the known world. Heaps of stones from the quarries lie in front of the pyramids. Although Strabo closely followed the treatise against Eratosthenes of the Greek astronomer Hipparchuswho had lived in the 2nd century bcehe blamed Hipparchus for neglecting the description of the Earth.

It is true that the imperfect state of the Greek text, and the difficulty of geographical identification, have always been appalling obstacles; yet, after the acute and valuable labours of Gossellin, Du Theil, Groskurd, and especially of Gustav Cramer of Berlinwhose text is followed in the present volume, we might fairly have expected that some English scholar would have ventured to enter the field.

Study and exploration contribution to cartography In map: Strabo was an admirer of Homer ‘s poetry, perhaps a consequence of his time spent in Nysa with Aristodemus. Sachan Pandey marked it as to-read May gdographica, Tyrannion was known to have befriended Cicero and taught his nephew, Quintus. Sey, mungkin lain kali saja. The Mediterraneanthe land of the Cimmeriansthe Ister.

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