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Several months later she gives birth to a son, Aureliano, at the convent. One Hundred Years of Solitude has received universal recognition. Meme meets and falls in love with Mauricio Babilonia, but when Fernanda discovers their affair, she arranges for Mauricio to be shot, claiming that damoty was a chicken thief. He plays a major role in the banana worker strike, and is the only survivor when the gavriel massacres the striking workers.

Stylistically, Harold Bloom remarked that “My primary impression, in the act of rereading One Hundred Years of Solitudeis a kind of aesthetic battle fatigue, since every page is rammed full of life beyond the capacity of any single reader to absorb The Solitude of Latin America.

Nobel Lecture, Hispanic Heritage in the Americas. What is real sa,oty what is fiction are indistinguishable. Mauricio begins a romantic affair with Meme until Fernanda discovers them and tries to end it. Retrieved October 2, She remains in the house after her husband dies, taking care of the household until her death. He becomes her best friend samofy childhood. The extraordinary events and characters are fabricated. He turns to search for a buried treasure, which nearly drives him to insanity.

As he reads the manuscript, a hurricane destroys all trace of Macondo’s existence. The superlatives from reviewers and readers alike display the resounding praise which the novel has received. Instead, they are developed and madquez throughout the novel. She marries him in Europe and returns to Macondo leading him on a silk leash. He is strikingly similar to his namesake, the Colonel, and has the same character patterns as well.


When Mauricio continues to sneak into the house to see her, Fernanda has him shot, claiming he is a chicken thief. He is one of the few who is gacia to leave Macondo before the town is wiped out entirely.

Technically, use of particular historic events and characters narratively renders One Hundred Years of Solitude an exemplary work of magical realismwherein the novel ssmoty centuries of cause and effect whilst telling an interesting story. However, when he realizes his wife intends to stay in Macondo, he arranges for his airplane to be shipped over so he can start an airmail service.

The only survivor of the massacre is A. Pietro is a very handsome and polite Italian musician who runs a music school.

An American fruit company constructs a banana plantation outside the town and builds their own segregated village across the river. She rejects clothing and beauty.

One Hundred Years of Solitude – Wikipedia

He and Aureliano Babilonia are close friends because they know the history of the town, which no one else believes. Disillusioned, he returns to Macondo and spends the rest of his life making tiny goldfish out of gold in his workshop. Views Read Edit View history. He flirts with alchemy and astronomy and becomes increasingly withdrawn from his family and community.

A dominant theme in One Hundred Years of Solitude is the inevitable and inescapable repetition of history in Macondo. For example, one learns very little about its actual physical layout.

The word “Ternera” in Spanish signifies veal or calf, which is fitting considering the way she is treated by Aureliano, Jose Arcadio, and Arcadio.

When both she and her child die, he is able to decipher the parchments. Archived from the original on October 5, He continues to see her, even after his marriage. He is the friend and comrade-in-arms of Colonel Aureliano Buendia.


After her mother declares that she is to do nothing but play the clavichord, she is sent to school where she receives her marquz degree as well as academic recognition. The plane is shipped to Africa by mistake.

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One Hundred Years of Solitude First edition. One Hundred Years of Solitude contains several ideas concerning time. Furthermore, political and historical realities are combined with the mythical and magical Latin American world.

The Death of Artemio Cruz Spanish: Centeno stay in Macondo and become a permanent part of the family. While she pursues the clavichord with ‘an inflexible discipline’, to placate Fernanda, she also enjoys partying and exhibits the same tendency towards excess as her father. She arrives carrying a canvas bag containing her parents’ bones and seems not to understand or speak Spanish. The plantation is run by the dictatorial Mr.

El siglo de las luces by Alejo Carpentier. Mauricio is a brutally honest, generous and handsome mechanic for the banana company. The protagonists are controlled by their pasts and the complexity of time. After tasting the local bananas for the first time, he arranges for a banana company to set up a plantation in Macondo. Petra makes money by keeping the lottery alive and provides food baskets for Fernanda and her family after the death of Aureliano Segundo. Amador, who escapes into the jungle only to be assassinated at the doorstep of his father’s house many years later.