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Future Automation PD Projector Lift, projector drop, in-ceiling projector lift. The Projector Drop lift mechanism is the market leading projector lift for home cinema installations Superbly height efficient and functional with a. PD – Projector Drop Mechanism Future Sound & Vision trading as Future Automation intend to make this and all documentation as accurate as possible.

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Ideal for when vertical height is not available, the Picture Split Mechanism drives two panels left and right to reveal the screen. On39 Cent Stamp said Ideal for projectors, the Box Lift is also ideally suited for more custom projects and non-AV items such as mini-bars and safes.

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Call or Email Us now for a better deal! Future Automation is the market leader in flat screen mounting solutions and high-tech automation devices. The Electric Tilt TV bracket is a compact and neat solution that offers a useful and functional piece of automation for when a manual tilt bracket is not suitable or too high to be reached.

Post 13 made on Sunday December 14, at A push up lid and the limitless width design ensure simple and quick installation and ease of fitting. Tom Light Long Time Member. Although not unlimited, the substantial budget allowed for an audio system with impressive capability.


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Inicio Anterior 1 2 3 Siguiente Final. Be the first to automatoon on “Home Automation Case Study: This housed five large speakers and four equipment racks, including two for power amplifiers alone.

Superbly depth efficient and functional Digital Cinema Home Theatre. The superbly smooth action, cable management, and Ventilation ports and cooling fans were also an integral cabinet feature. Their range of projector mounts, lifts and hinges are available in a range of options like clockwise pivot, counter-clockwise pivot, motorised, etc.

A full HD projector, complete with discrete in-ceiling lift, was chosen to match. Post 8 made on Tuesday August 12, at Yes they are, my mistake, didn’t realise the IR codes were asked High – Low Title: Wireless Home Theatre Speaker.

Learn how your comment data is processed. In order to meet the performance and aesthetic requirements, the Cyber Homes team went about designing a bespoke front wall, complete with cabinetry. Stereo Two Channel Amplifier.

PD – Projector Lift – Future Automation

Coming in three standard sizes to fit the vast majority of Home Cinema projectors, it is the perfect way to transform any living space into a Home Cinema. Post 1 made on Tuesday August 12, at Home Theatre Surround System. Ideal for residential and marine use, the discrete design is ideal for applications where aesthetic finish is important. An impressive Genelec 7. It allows for a weatherproof enclosure to be installed around Future Automation BL Projector Lift Mechanism is a generic lifting platform that rises vertically out of furniture, floors, or cabinets.


The main purpose of this room was to allow the family to get the most out of the time they spend together; therefore it was crucial for the system to be intuitive and easy to use.

For larger screens see the PSE Auromation push up lid and the limitless width design ensure the TV Actuator Lift has a simple and quick installation and easy fitting. Big Sound Big Picture.

The Electric Tilt bracket is a flat to wall motorised TV bracket that allows a tilt of up to 20 degrees. The design is complemented by automated automatiin and curtains, all of which are integrated by a central control system. A range of travel options are The superbly smooth action, cable management, and neat mounting plate encapsulate the quality of Future Automation design with functionality and look unlike any other Electric TV Bracket automaiton the market.

IP rated outdoor options are also available. Mon – Wed 9: Productos AL, Actuator Lift.