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FRITHJQF SCHUON UNDERSTANDING ISLAM FRITHJOF SCHUON with a foreword by Annemarie Schimmel WoridWisdom Contents Foreword v Preface viii. Islamic Quarterly has called Understanding Islam a “masterpiece of comparative religion,” and one of the most respected writers on Sufism, the late Professor. a classic, written from the perspective of why Muslims believe in their faith.

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It is necessary to acquire the habit of the inner gift apart from which all alms are but half-gifts; and what one gives to God is by that very fact given to all men. This brings out clearly the sapiential function of virtue: May 09, Einsteinsgirl rated it it was ok. This is the strait or narrow gate of the Gospels.

The Sunna comprises several dimensions: Islam is often reproached with having propagated its faith by the sword. Understanding Islam Frithjof Schuon. The terms of the Prayer on the Prophet are generally as follows, though there are many variants and developments of it: It is necessary to distinguish in the Quran between the general excellence of the Divine Word and the particular excellence of a given content which may be superimposed as, for example, when it is a question of God or of His qualities; it is like the distinction between the excellence of gold and that of some masterpiece made from gold.

The Greeks passed over in silence the element ether, no doubt because they conceived it as being hidden in the air, which too is invisible.

World renown for its scholarly nature that sheds light on this controversial faith, this updated edition contains 77 pages of new material, editor’s notes, glossaries, and more. Schuon and co are great critics of the modern world, but perennialism is a mistake. The metaphysical cause of creation or of manifes- We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. We could say as much of the Names of Jesus and Mary and of the jaculatory prayers containing these Names.

A path based on action. For instance, the chanting of the Quran, which can be in various styles, is an art; a choice can be made between one style or another, but Understanding Islam The form must be an adequate expression of its content; in no case should it contradict it, it cannot be abandoned to the arbitrary decisions of individuals, to their ignorance and their passions. In his teachings, Schuon expresses his faith in an absolute principle, God, who governs the universe and to whom our souls would return after death.

The letter bathe second letter in the Arabic alphabet — the first being the alif, a plain vertical line with an axial symbolism — is formed by a horizontal line slightly curved like a bowl and is distinguished by a point beneath it.


Unserstanding God speaks to man He does not converse.

In other words, through the mosaic of passages, phrases and words, God extinguishes the agitation of the mind by Himself taking on the appearance of mental agitation. Because this Shahadah includes the second in an eminent degree. Your prayer is that your destiny be changed. On this point, as on others, there is nothing absolute about the divergence in perspective, but the differences of accent are nonetheless real and profound. Herein lies one of the meanings of the Quranic injunction: At the end of this book, Schuon illustrates – through Sufi terminology – how the paths of the various traditions in our world all look at the same truth, e.

Understanding Islam by Frithjof Schuon

Paperback1st editionpages. A man spiritually perverted has, on the contrary, forgotten his initial majesty and the risks it involves; having no desire to concern himself with the fundamentals of his existence he believes that reality is incapable of recalling them to him.

Only this power can explain the importance of the recitation of the Quran. Despite the linguistic gulf between them, this respect for the adversary and the high esteem of his virtues became a common national bond coupled as they were with the understanding shown in the poetry of both sides of the feelings of the other; indeed this poetry eloquently testifies to the love or friendship often uniting Moslems and Christians despite every obstacle. Refresh and try again. In this story we find, not islaj the idea that the viewpoint of the Law is always only fragmentary, though fully efficacious and sufficient for the individual as such — he being only a part and not a totality — but also the Come come whoever you are, Wonderer, worshipper, lover of leaving.

Understanding Islam – Frithjof Schuon – Google Books

Includes bibliographical references and index. I am not altogether familiar with what constitutes the Perennialist school and whatever objections certain orthodox thinkers may hold against them. The Name Rahman is like a sky full of light; the Name Rahim is like a warm ray coming from the sky and giving life to man.

Now in esoterism these two are linked together in the sense that dogma is the key to direct knowledge; once such knowledge is attained we are evidently beyond form, but esoterism is nevertheless necessarily connected to the form which was its point of departure and the symbolism of which always remains valid.

Christianity is his main scchuon of comparison but he also brings up vedanta quite frequently and Judaism with slices of Buddhism and the Native American religion of the Red Indians.

In a germane field, we must take note of the abuse of the idea of intelligence. As a Traditionalist who’s stuck between Christianity and Islam, I can’t help but see Islam as both a spiritual tradition and political project, vastly superior to the Christian worldview in as much as society is concerned.


Festina lente, said the Latin proverb. Also, at the end I had sense of disbelief and confusion as to why it has become the most misinterpreted text of the century. Speech in man has no function but transmission of truth and deification; it is either truthful discourse or else prayer.

See also Absolute, the and manifestation 59, 75, 88, 91,and phenomena divine indivisibility of of compensation 80 ontological understandinng of vs. In the same way too, the Blessed Virgin is both pure universal Substance Prakritithe matrix of the manifested divine Spirit and of all creatures in respect of their theomorphism, undetstanding the primordial substance of man, his original purity, his heart inasmuch as it is the support of the Word which delivers.

On the plane of total truth, which includes all possible points of view, aspects and modes, any recourse to reason alone is evidendy useless; consequently it is vain to adduce against some dogma of a foreign religion that an error denounced by reason cannot become a truth on another level, for that is to forget that the reason works in an From a somewhat different point of view it can also be said that the Basmalah trithjof the divine and revelatory ray which brings into the world the truth of the double Shahadah: Originally published in French in and translated to English I wouldn’t really subscribe to many lines that have been mentioned in the book!

One thing very characteristic of the mental climate of the traditional West — though it in no way compromises true intellectuality — is the association of ideas formed between intelligence and pride, as also between beauty and sin, an association that explains many deadly reactions, beginning with the Renaissance.

Understanding Islam

See also Muhammad, Prophet Metaphysics Monotheism 3, 81,Moses 14, 40,, Muhammad43, 64, Not of those on whom is Thy Wrath, nor of those who go astray. The relativity of a certain Sunna, in a perspective which is not a karma-yoga, still less an exoterism, sdhuon not annul the importance which the aesthetic integrity of forms has for a civilization, right understandijg to the objects that surround us; for whereas abstaining from a symbolic action is not in itself an error, the presence of a false form is a permanent error ; 7 even he who is subjectively independent of it cannot deny that it is an error, and thus an element contrary in principle to spiritual health and to the imponderables unedrstanding barakah.

If you discuss the Quran you will discover nothing and no joy will come to you.