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Fat Is a Feminist Issue [Susie Orbach] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In one volume together with its bestselling sequel When it was first. Published 40 years ago, psychotherapist Susie Orbach’s Fat Is a Feminist Issue remains a cult classic for its penetrating insights into the cultural obsession. Susie Orbach (born 6 November ) is a British psychotherapist, psychoanalyst, writer and social critic. Her first book, Fat is a Feminist Issue, analysed the.

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I believe that a successf Fat as an issue is a ix dear to my heart. I remember thinking, “you don’t get ED’s at all! No trivia or quizzes yet. Open Preview See a Problem?

Needless to say this wasn’t the case. Retrieved 31 January More and more women are fat.

Forty years since Fat Is A Feminist Issue | Society | The Guardian

View all 4 comments. I don’t agree with the theory that we are fat because of our mothers – either we’re fat because we need them, we’re fat because we no longer need them, or we’re fat to spite them.

I’m somewhat overweight and have many serious health problems, which contribute to my weight issues in a number of ways. While some situations regarding how women are treated have indeed changed between the original publication date of orbacg book, FIFI II and the various editions, this book still had some amazing insights for me.

Orbach throws out old-fashioned notions of fat being the price one must pay for a life of greed and sloth. From rape as a weapon of war to the internal belief that we must be constantly wary about our appetites, to limiting ourselves individually and collectively because so much of our energy is misemployed, we have to act together to find ways through these minefields.


Dec 12, Joya rated it liked it. The edition of FIFI that I read actually included a second volume and introductions from and back, so I assume it’s one of the most recent editions. I picked this up thinking that this would look at issuf relationships between food and dieting and the use of os to control women’s bodies and lives, a concept that has been touched upon in feminsit of the other literature I’ve read.

It is really hard to issuf a fat woman in a world that is praising thinness as the ideal of health and beauty. But nonetheless, “Fat is a Feminist Issue” remains a keystone in the history of the way bodies have been constructed in American culture.

This book contributed to me ffeminist to care about myself despite a lifelong struggle to weigh less. If we go back four years, feminisf see the development of cosmetic surgery apps, games marketed to little girls in which they prepare for the surgery they will have when they are old enough. But I do think her instructions for going from disordered eating to gaining a better relationship with food is so so important. I knew that class was really important and there was something bad about it.

A quick reminder … Fat is a Feminist Issue

I could go on. Jul 29, Lizzy rated it really liked it. I said sure, so that was that. Author Susie Orbach Date published This pioneering anti-diet book is widely agreed to have one of ffminist best titles ever; hardly surprising that it quickly became a bestseller, and is now safely established as a classic. The body has become a political project.

Some things in this book went over my head even if Feminisf tried to catch them: Why fat is still a feminist issue”. Sep 13, Alexandra rated it liked it. The books premise is trying to be helpful and get to the bottom of overeating and overweight, as if they are alway intrinsically linked. In an age where women want to be sexy, nurturing, dome When it was first published, Fat Is A Feminist Issue became an instant classic and it is as relevant today as it was then.

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Starting over My marriage ended after 35 years.

Fat Is a Feminist Issue by Susie Orbach

Jan 30, Pink rated it it was ok. It is as normalised as the troubled eating she can expect in her journey through life. In an age where women want to be sexy, nurturing, domestic goddesses, confident at work, and feminine too, the twenty-first-century woman is poorly armed for survival.

Susie Orbach — The psychotherapist made famous by Fat Is a Feminist Issue is now analysing the obsession of both sexes with their looks”.

Self-acceptance is eventually addressed as a key part of making the programme work, but only after frequent reinforcement about people who lost ‘the’ damn weight. I think the answer, unfortunately, is “it depends on who you are and efminist personal journey and unique perspective”. She was chair of the Relational School in the UK. Hong Kong needs a strong feminist movement, and not just for women. You are fat because you compulsively over eat don’t get me wrong, some of isssue over-eating talk did ring true, I know all too well that eating when I’m not hungry is a massive habit of mine.

Whether they know it or not, they enjoy the topsy-turvy advantages that their layers of fat offer them.