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would make visits during his nine trips to such places as India, Indonesia,. Colombia, Turkey and Evangelii nuntiandi has travelled far as well. Responses . To commemorate Pope Paul s upcoming beatification, The Word Among Us Press has republished this edition of Evangelii Nuntiandi, which. A Case in Point: the Archdiocese of Semarang, Indonesia, Gregorius Budi 1 Ā«Evangelii NuntiandiĀ» Tracing the word evangelization in the.

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The witness of life has become more than ever an essential condition for real effectiveness in preaching. The phenomenon of the non practicing is a very ancient one in the history of Christianity; it is the result of a natural weakness, a profound inconsistency which we unfortunately bear deep within us. They were fully conscious of belonging to a large community which neither space nor time can limit: The Church links human liberation and salvation in Jesus Christ, but she never identifies them, because she knows through revelation, historical experience and the reflection of faith that not every notion of liberation is necessarily consistent and compatible with an evangelical vision of man, of things and of events; she knows too that in order that God’s kingdom should come it is not enough to establish liberation and to create well-being and development.

From the spiritual point of view, the modern world seems to he forever immersed in what a modern author has termed “the drama of atheistic humanism.

Evangelii Nuntiandi : Blessed Pope Paul VI :

In doing so, the document emphasized that the modern world emphasized images more than words. The Vatican-The Holy See. The Church also has a lively solicitude for the Christians who are not in full communion with her. For the Church, evangelizing means bringing the Good News into all the strata of humanity, and through its influence transforming humanity from within and making it new: There is no true evangelization if the name, the teaching, the life, the promises, the kingdom and the mystery of Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of God are not proclaimed.

CSLP, Turinpp. We are the pastors of the faithful people, and our pastoral service impels us to preserve, defend, and to communicate the truth regardless of the sacrifices that this involves.

The latter plan touches the very concrete situations of injustice to be combated and of justice to be restored. To reveal Jesus Christ and His Gospel to those who do not know them has been, ever since the morning of Pentecost, the fundamental program which the Church has taken on as received from her Founder.

At this point we wish to emphasize the sign of unity among all Christians as the way and instrument of evangelization. But there is the essential content, the living substance, which cannot be modified or ignored without seriously diluting the nature of evangelization itself.

Views Read Edit View history. From the just Abel right to the last of the elect,[85] “indeed to the ends of the earth,[86] “to the end of time. The Best Books of Retrieved 10 February An adherence to the truths which the Lord in His mercy has revealed; still more, an adherence to a program of life – a life henceforth transformed – which He proposes.


It would not be an exaggeration to say that there exists a powerful and tragic appeal to be evangelized. In any case the attempt to make such a synthesis will never end. Respect for their tempo and pace; no one has the right to force them excessively. We wish to point out, above all today, that neither respect and esteem for these religions nor the complexity of the questions raised is an invitation to the Church to withhold from these non-Christians the proclamation of Jesus Christ.

We cannot but experience a great inner joy when we see so many pastors, religious and lay people, fired with their mission to evangelize, seeking ever more suitable ways of proclaiming the Gospel effectively. This fervor demands first of all that we should know how to put aside the excuses which would impede evangelization.

We know likewise that the world and history are filled with “seeds of the Word”; is it not therefore an illusion to claim to bring the Gospel where it already exists in the seeds that the Lord Himself has sown? The resistance of the former takes the form of a certain refusal and an inability to grasp the new order of things, the new meaning of the world, of life and of history; such is not possible if one does not start from a divine absolute.

In the second section, Paul VI and the Synod of Bishops propose a definition of evangelization in contrast to all of the other possible conceptions of the term. We rejoice in the fact that these elements basically follow the lines of those transmitted to us by the Second Vatican Council, especially in ” Lumen gentium, ” ” Gaudium et spes ” and ” Ad gentes.

When they are put at the service of the Gospel, they are capable of increasing almost indefinitely the area in which the Word of God is heard; they enable the Good News to reach millions of people. L’Osservatore Romano 27 Octoberp.

Evangelii nuntiandi indonesia pdf

Also significant is the preoccupation of the last Synod in regard to two spheres which are very different from one another but which at the same time are very close by reason of the challenge which they make to evangelization, each in its own way.

We ourself have taken care to point this out, by recalling that it is impossible to accept “that in evangelization one could or should ignore the importance of the problems so much discussed today, concerning justice, liberation, development and peace in the world.

Thus we have atheists and unbelievers on the one side and those who do not practice on the other, and both groups put up a considerable resistance to evangelization. And how are they to hear without a preacher? Lihat Ketentuan Penggunaan untuk lebih jelasnya. Fund Patres Apostolici, 1, They are gathering about Him; they want to let themselves be led by Him. The word remains ever relevant, especially when it is the bearer of the power of God.


Evangelii Nuntiandi

Indeed, if the Gospel that we proclaim is seen to be rent by doctrinal disputes, ideological polarizations or mutual condemnations among Christians, at the mercy of the latter’s differing views on Christ and the Church and even because of their different concepts of society and human institutions, how can those to whom we address our preaching fail to be disturbed, disoriented, even scandalized?

AAS 58p ; cf. The drama of fidelity to Christ and of the freedom of religion continues, even if it is disguised by categorical declarations in favor of the rights of the person and of life in society! God can accomplish this salvation in whomsoever He wishes by ways which He alone knows. Their own field of evangelizing activity is the vast and complicated world of politics, society and economics, but also the world of culture, of the sciences and the arts, of international life, of the mass media.

We exhort all those who have the task of evangelizing, by whatever title and at whatever level, buntiandi to nourish spiritual fervor[] This fervor demands first of all that we should know how to put aside the excuses which would impede evangelization.

This kingdom and this salvation, which are the key words of Jesus Christ’s evangelization, evanhelii available to every human being as grace and mercy, and yet at the same time each individual must gain them by force evangelio they belong to the violent, says the Lord,[24] through toil and suffering, through a life lived according to the Gospel, through abnegation and the cross, through the spirit of the beatitudes.

Basically, these inquiries make explicit the fundamental question that the Church is asking herself today nutniandi which may be expressed in the following terms: We exhort all those who have the task of evangelizing, by whatever title and at whatever level, always to nourish spiritual fervor[].

She would have no more authority to proclaim freedom as in the name of God.

Evangelii nuntiandi indonesia pdf

But evangelization would nuntiani be complete if it did not take account of the unceasing interplay of the Gospel and of man’s concrete life, both personal and social.

Let us state this fact with joy at a time when there are not lacking those who think and even say that ardor and the apostolic spirit are exhausted, and that the time of the missions is now past.

We have remarked that the Church is entirely and completely evangelizing. During the Synod, the bishops very frequently referred to this truth: