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Ninḫursaĝ, also known as Damgalnuna or Ninmah, was the ancient Sumerian mother goddess Uttu, on her ancestress Ninhursag’s advice buried Enki’s seed in the earth, whereupon eight plants (the very first) sprung up. Enki, seeing the. Enki (Ea), along with An and Enlil, form the triad of gods at the heart . As the story Enki and Ninmah starts, trouble is brewing among the gods. The Sumerian myth Enki and Ninhursag tells the story of the . In the myth of Enki and Ninmah, Ninhursag begins on equal footing with the god.

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In the story Inanna and Shukaletuda[25] Shukaletudathe gardener, set by Enki to care for the date palm he had created, finds Inanna sleeping under the palm tree and rapes the goddess in her sleep. Ea befriended in similar manner the Babylonian Noah, called Pir-napishtim, advising him to build a vessel so as to be prepared for the approaching Deluge.

In his character, he prefers persuasion to conflict, which he seeks to avoid if possible.

At the destined [moment], they called the tenth month. The cult of Ea extended throughout Babylonia and Assyria.

She offered him bread to eat but he could not reach out for it. Enki has a suggestion:. Her head covered, she performed the midwifery. For these services the god in fish form instructed Manu regarding the approaching flood, and afterwards piloted his ship through the weltering ninmmah until it rested on a mountain top. In those days, the lands of Subur and HamaziHarmony-tongued Sumer, the great land of the decrees of princeship, Uri, the land having all that is appropriate, The ejki Marturesting in security, The whole universe, the people in unison To Enlil in one tongue [spoke].

Enki looked at the woman who could not give birth, and decreed ninmqh fate: Seven gods who decree. Sometimes her hair is depicted in an omega shape and at times she wears a horned head-dress and tiered skirt, often with bow cases at nimah shoulders. The great lord Enki said to Ninmah: There are too many subsequent pieces missing from the tablet to tell whether this creature, Umul, is the final model called man.


Ancient Mesopotamian Gods and Goddesses – Mother Goddess (Ninmah, Nintud/r, Belet-ili)

They set fire to their implements, to their spades [they set] fire, their labor-baskets into the flames they threw. Despite being a place where “the raven uttered ninmzh cries” and “the lion killed not, the wolf snatched not the lamb, unknown was the kid-killing dog, unknown was the grain devouring boar”, Dilmun had no water and Enki heard the cries of its goddess, Ninsikil, and orders the sun-god Utu to bring fresh andd from the Earth for Dilmun.

I enkk removed your heavy labor, have placed your labor-basket on man. In another even older tradition, Nammuthe goddess of the primeval creative matter and the mother-goddess portrayed as having “given birth to the great gods,” was the mother of Enki, and as the watery creative force, was said to preexist Ea-Enki.

Enki and the Creation of Humankind

Gods, We Claim Partnership: In Sumerian E-A means “the house of water”, and it has been suggested that this was originally the name for the shrine to the god at Eridu. King in The Seven Tablets of Creation: He is shown wearing a flounced skirt and a cone-shaped hat. According to legend, her name was changed from Ninmah to Ninhursag by her son Ninurta in order to commemorate his creation of the mountains.

In a state of high delight Enki, the king of the Abzu, rejoicing in great splendour, again justly praises himself: Father Enkiyour praise is sweet! The land of Dilmun is a pure place, the land of Dilmun is a clean place, The land of Dilmun is a clean place, the land of Dilmun is a bright place; He who is alone laid himself down in Dilmun, The place, after Enki is clean, that place is bright.

Four separate excavations at the site of Eridu have demonstrated the existence of a shrine dating back to the earliest Ubaid periodmore than 6, years ago. His temple, and home, called E-A House of Water or E-abzu House of the Watery Deepis a ziggurat in the midst of marshes, said to be raised upon a mound, or even located underwater. Enlil is angry his will has been thwarted yet again, and Enki is named as the culprit. Ninmahmay your work be Enki Eaalong with An and Enlil, form the triad of gods at the heart of Mesopotamian mythology.


In the Sumerian version of the flood myththe causes of the flood and the reasons for the hero’s survival are unknown due to the fact that the beginning of the tablet describing the story has been destroyed. Enki and Enlil bred competing patrilineages, rival groups related-through-men. Enki looked at the one with both feet broken, the one with paralysed feet and Considered the master shaper of the world, god of wisdom and of all magicEnki was characterized as the lord of the Abzu Apsu in Akkadianthe freshwater sea or groundwater located within the earth.

Enki and Ninmah: translation

When the gods, like man, bore the work, carried the labor-basket—the labor-basket of the great gods—the work was heavy, much enji the distress. It relates that when the fish was small and in danger of being swallowed by other fish in a stream it appealed to Manu for protection.

They held them [as torches]; they went to the gate of the shrine of hero Enlil. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. With the birth goddesses assembled, he trod the clay in her presence.

This seems also implicated in the epic of the hieros gamos or sacred marriage of Enkj and Ninhursag abovewhich seems an etiological myth of the fertilisation of the dry ground by the coming of irrigation water from Sumerian aabwater or semen.