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The Waiting Years is a novel by Fumiko Enchi, set within the milieu of an upper class Japanese family in the last years of the 19th century. It was first published. Dec 5, A tale of unanswered prayers, Fumiko Enchi’s “The Waiting Years” is an elegy on the subservience that once haunted Japanese womanhood. TWITTER –> the-waiting-years-by-fumiko-enchihtml&amp.

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Does possessing pair of breast and a uterus make a woman feeble or a reproductive machine?

At first, she chooses the year-old Suga, who is invited into their home under the pretense that ench will become their maid. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Popmatters is wholly independently owned and operated.

The Waiting Years: Fumiko Enchi: : Books

She does this out of a sense of duty. The Waiting Years ends dramatically with Tomo asserting herself for the first and last time. Firava Suga prima metresa din Tokyoapoi Yumi cea baietoasa si chiar si propria nora, Miya, trec prin patul lui Shirakawa, spre disperarea si umilinta care nu fac decat s-o intareasca fumkko mai mult pe Tomo. It was strangely difficult to get hold of this book — I preordered a new edition almost two years in advance but finally received a refund, for it fell through somewhere, and finally got hold of a very battered second hand copy with pages dropping out of it.

Some of the sentences seem oddly structured, which may owe somewhat to the translation. A lot of the novel’s tension comes from the juxtaposition of surface “normalcy” in large part through straightforward syntax and descriptions that sometimes border more on telling than showing and the intangible, sinister, lurking sense of impending doom that lies beneath. The plot moves at a blazing pace, covering around years in roughly pages.


Or even gumiko docile Suga or the coquettish Miya had comparable liberties? An interesting book, different to my normal read. Pero sinceramente, me encajan perfectamente con la historia, pueden parecer conclusiones demasiado extremas pero no me parecen nada disparatadas.

Tomo suffers on jealousy toward Suga, but feels pitty toward fumikk, too. In a patriarchal society where divorce was non-existent, rebellion a blasphemous act and women the eternal submissive species, the happiness of a woman truly lay in the legitimacy of a voice that struggled to climb the rocky hill of individuality.

However I’ll admit I didn’t really like it. Then again, it’s beautifully written and I’ll never forget it. Tomo is beautiful young woman from poor but noble samurai family, wife of wealthy and succesful young and handsome Japanese nobleman samurai, but of much better origin than her whom she loves and who married her in her age of She published The Waiting Years in and Masks just a few years before I think, may need to double check that.

The Waiting Years – Wikipedia

The shock was enough to split his arrogant ego in two. No one character or set of characters can truly said to be its protagonist s. The sad end of the book tells you. There’s also the fact that all this suffering is rooted in a single man. Not a single strand of hair loosened from the perfect coiffure, a fulsome smile tripping from the corners of her mouth putting a Noh mask to shame, confident in her posture, her heart being swept by violent sea of excruciating conflicts; there she sat gazing into the naivety of a girl-child untouched by the menstrual years.


A fertile womb makes a woman worthy whereas a barren womb brings social worthlessness.

The Waiting Years

I would give the yearss 5 stars, except that there were plot threads that seemed to go nowhere. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. As a result he desires younger and younger women, young enough to be his daughter or even grand daughter, as he moves toward the twilight of his life.

Gli anni passano, i figli crescono, si sposano e generano altri figli, solo Suga e Tomo restano sempre al loro posto invecchiando imprigionate nei rispettivi ruoli. I am not rating this book, or really reviewing it, because I was enci able to fully appreciate it, but also don’t think that was the author’s fault.

Through it all Tomo retains an air of calm, running the very complicated household without a murmur. As the twentieth century moves past the First World War, the Japanese government begins to change. For this and other reviews visit http: Somehow I was expecting it to be a slo First published at: Too much of the rest was lost in translation.

Enchi Fumiko – The Waiting Years

Colonial agents hand picked by their cronies make way for a National Assembly voted on by the people. It’s all about the emotion with this one-that poignant, beneath-the-surface emotion. There were a couple of chapters in His collected essays for the magazine Bonsai Shunju appeared in book form under the title of Shizen to Jinsei Nature and Life in