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Whilst we can hope that Forge world will give us a new army list it would be unrealistic to think that the Corsairs are high on list of priorities. Eldar Corsair Codex. Author’s Note: Eldar Corsairs (Fluff). ARMORY. ARMY LIST. HQ: Prince Lieutenants: Troops: Corsairs: 1+; Rangers: Kroot: Elites. Every list will include at least one Baron as a coterie leader and Corsair Cloud Dancer Band (Grade: A): These are Eldar Windriders plus.

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Unlike the eldar of the craftworld who train for war under the aspect shrines, corsairs receive a much more broad and unrestricted training experience. Hopefully you’ll get some inspiration here too.

eldsr It was only later that GWS produced background and rules for the craftworlds that are now recognized as the quintessential eldar. Eldar 40k Proposed Rules. The havenspire stations are always placed within or nearby stellar phenomenon that masks their presence, which the nimble eldar craft to exploit the environment to their full advantage. Zoats utilized corsaairs weapons when they enter the battlefield.

When struck the shells explode. The shaman is a pysker with the following powers:. Any non-HQ unit from the codex corsairs may be used as an elite selection regardless of its original placement in the corsair Force Organization Chart. Assembled the model before painting?? Up to three models may be equipped with specialized weaponry. Lieutenants are the commanding members of these groups and carry that authority from the ship to the lits.

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Despite their connection there is nothing more repugnant to the zoats then falling sway to the hive mind. More then happy to help. Ljst note, that you’re most likely going to be building your army around whatever the Prince chooses as his obsession, as for four of these options, you have to pay points for them.


One model may be upgraded to a Shaman for 20 points.

Eldar Corsair Codex – Articles – DakkaDakka

Bio-explosive ammunition causes pinning. When the eldar first entered into the 40K background way wrmy in the days of Rogue Trader, they did so, not as the aspect warriors and seers of the craftworlds, but as pirates and mercenaries. Aspect Warriors statline, 12 liwt. Retrieved from ” https: Those models look fantastic! Any model may purchase an additional flesh eldxr for 2 points. Sebastion yeah that iyanden yellow would be an awesome second tone for a grey!

It can also be given all Eldar vehicle upgrades. The final choice is a Phoenix Bombernow made much cheaper pts… its still pricey but has a lot of bang for your buck. Zoats, Exodites, Rouge Trader era equipment, and re-acquisition of dated fluff will all be found in this codex. All it takes is for the coordinates to be quickly relayed to the vessel for the crew to deliver a strike that is liwt of destroying tanks and vaporizing entire squads.

The kroot were sent to search the reeking ship, another benefit of their presence on in his crew! They sought out aid from the local inhabitants hoping for peaceful cohabitate. They most forfeit their movement and shooting phase to relay the command to the ship. The gyrinx will not take a direct role in the game and cannot be targeted. Proceeding down a ridge they were met with the concentrated fire elddar the corsairs and warwalkers.

The leader of the corsairs is regarded as a prince whereas secondary ranks are noted as lieutenants.

IA11 Eldar Corsair Colour Scheme and List Help – MiniWarGaming Wargaming Forum

A lieutenant can take equipment from the corsair armory. Place a spare 5-inch blast marker in base contact with the model; this marker will remain in play for the duration of the game. While the exact nature of the production rights of these factories are unknown to imperial experts, it is believe that numerous corsairs fleets are in cooperation in order to construct such vessels and the distribution of ships is contracted via some form of pack between corsair princes.


See craftworld eldar codex, but increase the BS and WS to 4 and initiative to 5. While much of the technology utilized by corsairs comes from craftworlds and exodite planets, many corsairs have taken upon themselves to develop their own methods of production.

Did you ever notice how similar the Lisy system is to the 8th ed Detachments?

Perhaps some of this was designed with 8th in mind Same goes for the Vampire Raider. This is my current list. Consider too that Corsair special rules and aethermancy don’t have very much effect on vehicles taken in those detachments. The worst thing is that most of the vehicles are Forge World beautiful, but expensive many options aren’t any more expensive now than regular GW stuff.

The forge world looks so much more godly! Craftworld technology is prevalent both in the corsair fleets and equipment used on the battleground, though despite this, it is not uncommon for Dark Eldar technology to be seen amongst the ranks of the corsairs.

Depending on the tint of the colours you can get really stand out unique greens that won’t take away from you scorps green accent piece. Many rangers use the corsair fleets as a waystation on their lonely journeys. Lieutenants can join guardian, jetbike, and artillery squads.

December 29th — Imperial Knights Dethroned.