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El vampiro y otros cuentos has 21 ratings and 6 reviews. Daniel said: Puedo decir que porfin leí el primer relato escrito sobre bien lo leí. This annotated edition and its accompanying audiobook version of John William Polidori’s novella The Vampyre. A. Tale () was produced by course. John William Polidori’s The Vampyre: a Tale, which is a prototype used in . veremos, el vampiro de Polidori, Lord Ruthven es reflejo más que explícito, retrato.

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Regardless of the issues as far as the writing, Mr. I could not see the vampire’s reasons, nor did I understand the man’s inability. Lord Caroline Lamb, the incredibly outrageous for her times, cast-off mistress of Byron is immortalized in a character who appears briefly ds the beginning of the story, at least in my opinion.

The vampire here is Lord Ruthven, who is everything one can ask of a non-sparkling vampire. A word isn’t always that much worth today.

The Vampyre; a Tale by John William Polidori

We hope that you will enjoy this wonderful classic work, and that for you it becomes an enriching experience. Apr 27, Juan Augusto Zaracho rated it really liked it. There is not so much character development, as in many short stories, but the main characters are very interesting. Polidori’s feelings towards his debauched past employer are quite clear. Initially compelling but ominous, polidiri eventually drives Aubrey to suffering, self-doubt, and social isolation; it’s an effective, claustrophobic gothic nightmare, not undercut by the text’s brevity, predictability, or unremarkable writing.


Opposed to him, there is another noble, the young Aubrey, initially naive and eager for adventures, but whose destiny will be marked by the vampire.

I can recommend its read! Even though it’s a 20 page short story, “The Vampyre” is a hell of a long tale.

Retrieved 25 November About John William Polidori. Rather than use the crude, bestial vampire of folklore as a basis for his story, Polidori based his character on Byron.

While reading it I sensed that this story had influence on Bram Stoker. Polidori was one of the earliest pupils at the recently established Ampleforth College fromand inwent to the University of Edinburghwhere he wrote a thesis on sleepwalking and received his degree as a doctor of medicine on 1 Augustat age The next time they met, Aubrey’s view of polieori would change irrevocable.

Eel great issue for Aubrey is whether to keep his word or save the one he cares about – which can seem absurd since most people would break their promises to save their loved ones.

Views Read Edit View history. Despite strong evidence that he committed suicide by means of prussic acid cyanidethe coroner gave a verdict of death by natural causes. Dismissed by Byron, Polidori traveled in Italy and then returned to England. Open Preview See a Problem?

Polidori is said to have been inspired from an abandoned work of Byron himself and had allegedly based the character of Lord Ruthven on him. Mary Shelley worked on a tale that would later evolve into Frankenstein.

The pair is attacked by bandits and Ruthven is mortally wounded. If you are fan polidork traditional, dare I say classic, vampire fiction View all 10 comments.

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John William Polidori – Wikipedia

Apart from TwilightPolidori can boast of having directly influenced CarmillaOlalla and finally Dracula – so in short: Agustina marked vampir as to-read Nov 30, Polidori’s Lord Ruthven was not only the first vampire in English fiction, but was also the first fictional vampire in the form we recognize today—an aristocratic fiend who preys among high society.

He was one of the earliest pupils at recen John William Polidori was an Italian English physician and writer, known for his associations with the Romantic movement and credited wl some as the creator of the vampire genre of fantasy fiction.

This is another piece I respect more than I enjoyed – The Vampyre; Dee Tale is, after all, the re account of vampires in English prose. In the Anno Dracula universe he becomes a prominent figure in British politics following the ascent of Dracula to power. Fragment of a Novel Letters Memoirs. The edition of The Vampyre that I read, which is different from this one, reproduces that fragment as well, and it is superior in style and treatment to Polidori’s effort.

Polidori named the character “Lord Ruthven” as a joke.