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Some features of the EasyGreen MikroFarm™ The EasyGreen MikroFarm was developed out of the growing demand for organic health food. The EasyGreen’s. The Easygreen Automatic Sprouter has been reworked for with improvements that make it even better for growing a consistent and plentiful supply of. New! EasyGreen Light MikroFarm (v/50Hz) for sprouts, including alfafa sprouts, bean sprouts, broccoli sprouts. And for wheatgrass growing for wheat grass.

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Then you evenly distribute spout seeds in a moistened tray and put the tray in the sprouter. Here are few reasons for our unique sprouting technology: Healthy sprouts require growing conditions which provide clean water, eaasy of oxygen and cooling. The EasyGreen is basically a scaled down commerical sprouting unit, and is the only truly automatic home sprouting system available in the UK. However, this geren clearly still not the case.

Crop production in the Easygreen is faster than other sprouters, so there is really no reason to choose more complicated sprouting methods if you want an abundant supply of freshly grown sprouts in optimum nutritional condition.

: Customer reviews: EasyGreen Micro Farm Sprouter Mist Generator & activation timer

Un-sprouted seeds contain growth inhibitors that are washed away when grown naturally but with other re-circulating systems these remain in the sprouting water and can lead to poor results. Add to Wish List.


It likes a constant house temperature or it will mold. The EasyGreen sprouting appliance was easj out of the growing demand for organic health food.

With your EasyGreen you get removable cartridges and trays for the ultimate convenience. Control The Conditions For Each Type Of Seedling No other automatic home sprouter offers treen complete and customisable control of watering cycles, which means you can grow virtually anything successfully in the Easygreen. The great advantages of an Easygreen Sprouter include!

If you enjoy sprouts and are tired of the mess and constant fuss, get this sprouter!! Cleaning is semi-automatic by adding 5 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide weekly through the machine at 2 liter water level and then rinsing!!

Some sprouting systems have a round shape. I couldn’t believe it.

EasyGreen light automatic sprouter

Keep your EasyGreen sprouter looking like new with this safe sproutter product. I use a high percentage hydrogen peroxide, they do recommend bleach. We will accept returns of unused equipment within 21 days from date of purchase provided: Please enter a question. Only large commercial systems have a similar function!

Easy Green Sprouter

The repaired or exchanged goods will be mailed from our service center by standard mail days. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Young plants need oxygen for their sprourer and CO2 for their shoots; each watering cycle in the Easygreen provides your young seedlings with both.

There are drainage holes within the trays small trays, and 1 large tray which are kept at a slight angle inside the easy green to insure proper drainage.

This means your initial investment can save you a bundle over buying health food store sprouts in just a few short months. Eat your heart out, Devil Dogs! This is in effect also for Special ‘sales’ or promotions conducted from time to time by the company.


EasyGreen Automatic Sprouter EGL 55 At UK Juicers™

Further use of the site means that you agree with using of cookies. Thus, adhering to the needs of an individual as well as a large family. This allows the developing dasy systems to take on a broader range of plant nutrients in case you prefer this to using organic liquid growth enhancers such as kelp in the sprouting water.

Imagine… no more rinsing, shaking and draining. No other sprouter can grsen an automatic indication of which cartridge is now on its 5 th day.

Water is drained through a drainage tube which can go into a sink or, in our case, in a large watering can. See Greej Buying Options. Fertilizer isn’t necessary for sprouts.

Procedure for obtaining warranty service: Product Reviews Login or Register to write the first review. On day 4 as I was filling out the return on Amazon the mister kicked on and ran for about 30 seconds before shutting off again perhaps it was the end of a cycle.