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REV. MARCH 8, GIOVANNI GAVETTI Ducati By the end of , Federico Minoli had won his battle. Over the past five years. Ducati Case Study – Free download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), i Gavetti,. Giovanni. Ducati Motor Holding S.P.A. Boston: Harvard Business. Under the supervision of Giovanni Gavetti: “The Minerva Project. “Ducati.” Harvard Business School Teaching Note () [11]. Ducati: Federico .

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Ducati also engaged in a number of co-marketing initiatives with different major international brands: These stores not only offered superior technical and 11 This document is used with permission and is available to Daniel Amankwah, duati the course: In a few weeks, Minoli appointed a completely new top management team.

InHarley producedmotorcycles, a agvetti This meant competent sales forces, good technical assistance, and an adequate physical space where Ducati motorcycles and apparel could be displayed. The company has changed in all of the right areas.

Instead of managing, try cultivating Just a Few Vignettes.

Not only did we have a wide variety of Ducati motorcycles on display for the class, we also had the pleasure of having Ducati North America CEO Michael Lock provide us with his thoughts and insights about the process of creating and celebrating meaning. Despite this success, Minoli was concerned with the future of the company. Its most popular model duxati a naked, the Thunderbird, which was similar to what it marketed in the s.

Kawasaki and Suzuki planned to enter a similar alliance shortly. Specialized magazines, such as Motorcycle Consumer News, Rider, and Cycle World, catered to cycle buyers and ducat them about the technical and stylistic characteristics of new products. Live life at the intersection 7: Market research provided a fundamental input to both design and technological innovation.

After the launch of the ST2 inwhich was fitted with the 2-valve engine, a new model—the more performing ST4—was introduced in The number of firms gravitating around the motorcycle industry scooters and small displacement motorcycles as well as bigger motorcycles in the proximity of Bologna had recently been estimated at around 2, Although the majority of the motorcycle companies advertised through specialized magazines, only some of them—typically the largest manufacturers—also advertised through the non-specialized press.


Student Stories Alumni Stories Tuck Sport bikes had lighter frames, a more forward seated position, and emphasized speed, acceleration, and minimal comfort. Company data 18 This document is used with permission and is available to Daniel Amankwah, in the course: Your gavetfi could not be posted. Sincethe total number of suppliers had decreased from to As a consequence, annual registrations per dealer went from 14 to around Evidence from Digital Imaging. Women had become an attractive new customer base for motorcycle manufacturers, and were particularly important to some manufacturers like Harley and Ducati.

Company document Exhibit 8 Units Breakdown of Motorcycle Sales in units sold 4, 2, 0 4, 12, 8, 4, 3, 8, gavettti, 8, 5, 2, 11, 28, 9, 4, 2, 16, udcati, 12, 4, 3, 19, 39, Hyper-sport Super-sport Touring Naked Total Source: Social Media For Journalists. InBMW introduced its own interpretation of a cruiser, which enjoyed a stunning commercial success.

Toward a Grounded Theory of the Origins of Strategies. One year later, it entered for the first time the Sport-Touring segment, a category with an older customer base. Action and Cognition Over Time. More recently, advances in materials science led companies to introduce composites, carbonium, titanium and magnesium to make their bikes lighter and more reliable.

The third line of products gzvetti t-shirts, caps and memorabilia. Cruisers were big motorcycles with an upright riding position.

metacool: Ducati at the

For years, the SS had been the most popular Ducati on the road. Thanks to their technical superiority, Ducati motorcycles rapidly achieved success in the international racing circuit. Here’s hoping that the new Ducati Hypermotard concept above makes it to market. Suzuki was Japan’s 1 minicar producer. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, used in a spreadsheet, or transmitted in any form or by any means—electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise—without the permission of Harvard Business School.


An impressive series of victories in the World Superbike Championship where, for the first time, a Ducati two-cylinder engine defeated a four-cylinder engine produced by Japanese competitors, was paralleled by the introduction of a new series of stunningly beautiful street performance bikes. According to Minoli, these were the people who ultimately ran the company: The satellites represented activities, some of them totally new, that were held together by the same goal of creating the intangible attributes that, according to Minoli, would have made Ducati something more than a unique motorcycle.

Listen as if you are wrong. Celebrate errors of commission. Gavetti, Giovanni, Daniel A. Learn to orbit the hairball To develop a cruiser Ducati would need to make additional investments for Euro 17 million, gioavnni additional costs of approximately Euro 26 million.

As a final step before posting your comment, enter the letters and numbers you see in the image below. This success fueled growth throughout the sixties and the seventies, and the ducayi of a strong reputation in the performance segment of the motorcycle industry. For example, the company started cooperating with TWR, a major Formula One engine development center, and formed a joint venture named HPE High Performance Engineering with some local producers like Piero Ferrari of the Ferrari car company to develop advanced engine technology.

From Motorcycle Mechanic to MBA

Management Science 50, no. Gavdtti object and its history represent the themes of technology, engineering, innovation, design, mobility, speed, rebellion, desire, freedom, love, sex, and death.

The motorcycle was the center of this system.