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filetype: you only want Microsoft Word documents, filetype:doc . Google’s and Clusty’s Basic Searches and Dogpile’s Advanced Search were. Google screen with search text as follows: filetype:ppt quote math curriculum Dogpile is one of the metasearch engines and can be accessed by going to. Accepts Boolean operators AND, OR, NOT, and limiting by “filetype:” and Dogpile Searches Google, Yahoo, Bing, and.

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However, it is possible that you will want to review more than the top ten. Google interprets a link from website A to website Fletype as a vote by site A for site B. The interface is intuitive and easy to use. The higher up on a website that a search term appears, the higher the ranking of that website.

For the full dogpil of Google features, click on the more link at the top of the screen:. Some search engines automatically look for singular and plural forms of terms as well as -ing or -ed endings. There are several basic types of search tools that may be used to locate web resources: Google provides related categories. For an explanation go to Boolean Logic. Votes cast by sites which are themselves major sites, such as CNN for example, are weighed more heavily than votes from other less popular sites.

When search engine producers refer to their size, they are usually counting unique URLs as opposed to unique sites, which may contain a number of URLs. To understand how Dogpile selects the listings click on “View Demo” and watch the multimedia presentation.

DogPile Searce Engine by Jessica Pugh on Prezi

Custom T-Shirts Toronto August 27, at 9: Calishain gives these tips on Boolean modifiers using Google: Some search engines require that the Boolean operator be capitalized; others do not, although those not requiring capitalization accept it. The spider returns the information to a central database and then indexes the information it has gathered. As well as saving time, this kind of search engine can give you an overview of the kind of document you may find using your search terms and may even result in giving you exactly what you need if you are searching for a unique term or phrase.


The rules may be found by following the links in the table below and locating “Help” or “About” for each search engine. Case Sensitivity Some search engines are case sensitive, requiring that proper names and place names be capitalized.

Metasearch Engines Metasearch engines search several search engines simultaneously and combine the results. A special kind of search engine called a meta-search engine allows you to query several search engines at once.

Primary Research and Reference Librarians Answers to every question will not always be found online. You missed the fast metasearch engine eTools. Mo re about Google: It is a multidimensional meta search and discovery engine, with a pretty interesting UI. FuzzFind or outlining the results on a map showing the links between different search engines Langreiter. These are some examples of searches done in the Google search bar: On Google or InfoMine search for: SurfWax also uses a site’s existing search capability as part of the meta-search process to tap doogpile deep Web.

10 Meta-Search Engines Reviewed and Compared

Fileytpe had 2 unique sites, Clusty and Google both had 6 unique sites. In addition, there were only three top 10 sites that were retrieved by Google, Dogpile and Clusty in this revised search. If you want to search for feeds rather than getting them from your favorite known websites or from the “Find Feed” button in Pluck, try these.

This means that you do not have to type AND in your Google search statements. In the best search engines, sponsored links or paid listings are clearly labeled, kept separate from search results, but are relevant to the search.


However, each search engine operates a little differently, and each search engine dlgpile contains a large number of unique documents, with limited overlap. For each search engine, the new top 20 sites were different from the top 20 sites retrieved in the first search. Here is an explanation of how Google returns their results.

When upper case is used, the search engine will only retrieve the exact match.


Free Resources Available Via the Web. This can be confusing, especially since search engines sometimes change providers. The query can be further refined by including “search operators” described in the following section. Metaspring August 28, at To convert the search words to a phrase, enter “math curriculum” with quotations marks surrounding the terms. In general, when a search statement is entered in all lower case, both lower case and upper case will be retrieved.

Also, “this exact wording or phrase” is equivalent to using quotation marks dogiple designate a phrase. Each may also differ in terms of search speed and how it ranks results in order of relevance. Some search engines sell commercial spots on the results list so that the buyer’s page is near the top as if it was one of the best results according to a link analysis.

For general search google is already doing a great job, if meta search engines want to gain the user they have to be innovative in a way which can attract people and be really relevant. These are popular metasearch engines: This process is referred to as ” drilling down.

Dogpile is one of the metasearch engines and can be accessed by going to http: The following is a screen capture of Google’s Advanced Search Screen:.