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Diario de un ama de casa desquiciada (Libros del Asteroide nº 64) (Spanish Edition) eBook: Sue Kaufman, Milena Busquets: : Kindle Store. “Diario de un ama de casa desquiciada” de Sue Kaufman está a medio camino entre “La campana de cristal” de Sylvia Plath y la serie “Mujeres Desesperadas”. Buy Diario de una Ama de Casa Desquiciada from Dymocks online BookStore. Find latest reader reviews and much more at Dymocks.

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Her fears pour onto the page: Lo mismo me pasa con George. This book is hysterical. He, and the society they keep, are phony and she is responding feeling out of control of herself and her life which she kind of is as she’s not working, etc.

A la pobre Tina le limaron los colmillos.

This story is wholly believable, and fantastically put together. I’m in awe that a book can feel so distinctly vintage, and yet feel so timeless. I am intrigued by Bettina regaining some “control” or sense of self as the book finishes.

I was also surprised and intrigued by the ending, and have spent time wondering how such an ending resquiciada received at the time of publication While the first half is a little slow, the pace picks up considerably and, by the midway point, I couldn’t put this book down.

I loved the cockroach analogy at the end.

Diario de un ama de casa desquiciada – Sue Kaufman | Libros Kalish – Librería online

I regret it’s taken me this long to sma the novel, which is, of course, even better than the film. Pese a ello, me quedo con buen recuerdo del diari, la historia me ha parecido buena.


Elevators, subways, bridges, tunnels, high places, low places, tightly enclosed spaces, boats, cars, planes, trains, crowds. At some point, reacting to something, Tina unn she’s afraid to open her mouth, for fear that nothing except cartoon noises would come out. I was probably 17 or 18 at the most and I wonder how much of it just went over my head. A wonderfully sardonic look at the state of late twentieth-century marriage as seen through the eyes of Bettina Balser, a smart, upper-middle class housewife living in Upper West Side Manhattan with her two young daughters, a dog, a maid, and her husband – a sniveling, controlling, insufferable social climber named Jonathan.

However, I was fascinated by this book, and saw little feminism in it My best description would be “controlled stream of consciousness. Books by Sue Kaufman. See 1 dirio about Diary of a Mad Housewife….

En resumen, salvo por el final que me ha dejado un poco seca, me lo he pasado muy bien leyendo este libro. Refresh and try again.

Diario de un ama de casa desquiciada

Diary of a Mad Housewife ‘s humor and insight are as alive and pertinent today as they were yesterday, and will charm and disarm men and women of any generation. I could give my left arm to read the journal entries of Silvie or Liz, 20 years later. She has a degree from Smith College and two desquicixda who can be quite spoiled and condescending that’s dad’s influence.

First, you want to yell at the main character for being a bit of a spoiled brat. Diary is a real keeper, one of desquickada faves. Usa mucho el sarcasmo para burlarse y quitar importancia al estado de nervios de la protagonista.


Another one I read like years ago. What I am is suddenly afraid of most everything you could name. I have read it a half a dozen times and it just desqulciada better as I get older. Sep 03, Sarah Suchon rated it really liked it.

Videorrecomendación de Diario de un ama de casa desquiciada. | Lecturas con humor | Pinterest

Jan 31, Anneta rated it liked it. I think I read it and my assessment afterwards was along the lines of “Oh. Not having a caasa family counselor, however, I doubt the ability to heal the relationship fully. None, of course, cure her, but in the end spoiler alert? View all 5 comments.

However, I like where the author ended up taking the story and how it explored the way human relationships affect each other and influence opinions, perspectives, and self image.

Pero la prosa de Kaufman wma compensa. And this, along with her husband who has become quite the elitist starfucker over the last few years, is killing her.

She allows the characters to speak for themselves and lets the story unfold in an unforced progression of events. O sin el casi What I am at other times is so jazzed up with nerves I can’t stand still and everything shakes, and I end up either having to take a pill or a quick sneaky shot of vodka-it depends which is available.