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Few people have been around the competitive Street Fighter scene — or eSports in general — longer than Daigo Umehara. Daigo, also known. Daigo Umehara is among the pantheon of Street Fighter legends, with a long and storied career. His book, The Will to Keep Winning. Daigo Umehara is a Japanese arcade fighting video game player. He specializes in 2D arcade fighting games, mainly those released by.

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Umehara Daigoborn 19 May is a Japanese arcade fighting video game player. He specializes in 2D arcade fighting gamesmainly those released by Capcom. Known as ” Daigo ” or ” The Beast ” [5] in the West and “Umehara” or “Ume” in Japan, Daigo is one of the world’s most famous Street Fighter players, and is often considered its greatest as well.

Daigo began going to an arcade game center and playing fighting games as an elementary school student around 10 years of age.

Daigo Umehara – Wikipedia

King of Fighters had recently been released and were Daigo’s first two fighting games. This was when he discovered that he preferred competing with other players. Around the time when he was a year-old middle school student, [11] Daigo shifted his main game to Vampire Hunter because he thought he was more skilled in that game than Street Fighter II.

Inat the age of 17 Daigo participated in Capcom’s official Street Fighter Zero 3 national tournament and advanced to the finals which took place on a stage in Tokyo Game Show boo, Autumn on October This was Daigo’s first trip to the U. Daigo came from behind to win The book’s content is separated into six chapters chronicling the games in which he competes and includes background stories, anecdotes of competitions, and analysis of his opponents.

InDaigo appeared in a U. Capcom 2 for the right to battle Japan’s best players in those respective games. Umehara only entered the 3rd Strike exhibition, but defeated all of his opponents, ending each round with Ken ‘s fierce Shoryuken. These events were filmed for the documentary Bang the Machine.

Daigo has participated regularly in a umehraa of tournaments, appearing in at least one each year since his start inwith a brief hiatus in Throughout his career, Daigo Umehara’s main character has been Ryu and his play style based on zoning keeping the opponent at a specific distance even daibo he is also very powerful in close combat. I don’t need to pick a top tier character, but I want to have a character that can fight the top tiers. It’s boring umwhara you go to tournament and you know you’re going to run into a really bad match up, it’s like “Oh, I can’t win because of the match up”.

Hesitating between Urien and Guile, he finally chose the latter, but decided to give a last chance to Ryu in Topanga League 6 and Final Round 20 but his disappointing results he finished respectively last and 33rd made him give up on Ryu [41]. Daigo Umehara’s results with Guile have noticeably decreased compared to Ryu.

Despite having never matched daito against him before, Umehara was known for having a supposed rivalry with the American Justin Wong due to their differences in gaming philosophies. Umehara, playing using the character Kenwas down to his last pixel of vitality bopk any special attack by Wong’s Chun-Li could knock Ken out. Wong attempted to hit his opponent with Chun-Li’s multihit “Super Art” move, forcing Umehara to parry 15 attacks in a very short period of time.


Umehara did so successfully and went on to counter boo final kick of Chun-Li in mid-air before launching a combo move himself and winning the match. Though Umehara lost the grand finals to Kenji Obata, the clip of him parrying Wong’s multihit attack became hugely influential and has been compared to famous sports moments such as Babe Ruth’s called shot and the Miracle on Ice.

In JulyUmehara came out of retirement [46] and became competitive once again. This time, his focus was on the newly released Street Fighter IV.

Because of this, Japanese arcade gaming magazine Arcadia has included a DVD featuring “Umehara Concept Matches” in its January issue released on November 29, dalgo “The God has returned” was stated in Umehara’s player introduction part. Umehara, who came by Capcom’s invitation, [49] defeated players Iyo, Poongko and Justin Wong to win the tournament. Umeharx the win, he was awarded a free trip to Evolution in Las Vegas.

Umehara began writing a column in Daiyo called Umehara Column: Michi, starting with the August issue. Thanks to his win at the GameStop tournament, Umehara entered the Evolution Street Fighter IV competition as a seeded player in the semi-finals on July 18, which was the second day of the event. In the third and final day, Umehara defeated Justin Wong and placed him in the Losers Bracket, then advanced to the grand finals only to meet Wong again.

The two fought until the last game possible, but Umehara ultimately won the competition. The daogo also featured an exhibition match between Umehara and Mago. He placed second in singles and first in 2-on His team was eliminated, in the quarter finals. The event closed with a 3-out-of-5 match [77] [78] between Umehara and Justin Wong, ending in a double-K. It was also revealed at the event that Umehara had accepted a sponsorship deal with Mad Catz booj would play under their name in future tournaments.

Umehara, Mago, and Tokido.


They also held offline matches and a brief talking segment. He won the tournament, losing just one game. After getting 2nd place in Nagoya Street Battle 15 July 4[] Umehara joined Evolution on July 9—11 and faced a tougher challenge than before with over daiggo, players [] from around the world participating in the Adigo Street Fighter IV tournament.

Nevertheless, Umehara secured a win without ever dropping into the Losers bracket. The live stream umeehara the event set a new record with an approximate 48, viewers at its peak across its two channels Stickam 18, and Ustream 30, At the event, Umehara and Killian held a talk, in which Umehara discussed his life in and out of the Street Fighter scene.

The rule was the first to win 10 matches will be declared the winner. Daigo won the match with a incredible result against the world Champion Xian.

A couple of Months later, in a similar match, Daigo beat Infiltration Both matches had many views on YouTube and are considered examples of flawless Street fighter play. On November 24,Daigo held a panel at the DODA career fair where he spoke about his experiences as a professional gamer. Several daiho noted that Daigo’s timing appeared to be off, and that he did not capitalize on key dago openings during the match.


On November 30,Umehara announced that he had entered a new ujehara deal with gaming headset maker HyperX. He spoke to a sold-out audience. He placed 4th overall. After a no-loss sweep in Round 1, he was bumped into the Losers bracket by Haitani during Round 2, and ultimately eliminated during the Semi-Finals by longtime rival Justin Wong.

On July 14, Daiyo launched the “Beast” apparel brand in conjunction with apparel makers Nsurgo. Bokk felt very strongly about proving that he was able to beat Daigo. Daigo wonleaving Tokido frustrated to the point of tears.

The series is considered a flagship title for its publisher, Kadokawa Shoten, who are actively marketing the series and have confirmed plans to serialize it in their seinen comic magazine Young Ace UP. The series is illustrated by Kengoro Nishide and written by Saitaru Orika and Maki Tomoi, with Daigo acting as an editorial supervisor. Umehara Fighting Gamers, debuted with the release of Volume 1 which compiles the first and second volumes of the Japanese daugo. The volume, published and translated by Udon Entertainmentwas released as an early exclusive for EVO attendees, and is planned for a wider release in December From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Daigo Daigo Umehara Daigo Umehara in Archived from the original on The King of Fighters”.

Archived from the original PDF on Tokyo Game Show Autumn. Daigo became the most feared player among the Capcom competitive circles when he defeated Alex Valle during an official Street Fighter Alpha 3 world championship in creating a legion of copycat V-Akuma players overnight with dajgo infamous Demon Flip Vism combo. Since then, his fierce reputation has not diminished, as he consistently places in the top three in the majority of the 2D games he enters.

If you want to be considered the best in the world, you have to be able to defeat this guy consistently sorry Bang the Machine Documentary.

A documentary of an exhibition tournament in Japan showing the difference between American and Japanese gaming cultures. Archived from the original on July 20, Archived from the original on October 17, Archived from the original on March 11, Love is not work”. MarkMan from Mad Catz. Archived from the original on May 4, SoCal Regionals official site. The Canada Cup official site. The Will to Keep Winning. Infiltration ft10″ — via YouTube.

Red Bull Kumite Daigo, Nemo, Bonchan, Gachikun, Tokido”. More info to come…. Retrieved — via Twitter. Tokido, Haitani, Yukadon, Kazunoko, Fuudo”.

English Translation of Daigo Umehara’s First Book Available Exclusively at Evo

Japan’s CO Dogura takes 1st Place! Umrhara RB Bonchan Wins! No Capcom Cup Qualifier”. NorCal Regionals Results! Final Round 18 Results! Arcade Edition v final results”.

Nagoya Street Battle’s official site.