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d20 Cyberscape (d20M) – This new rules supplement provides everything players and Gamemasters need to create and run campaigns. Building on the d20 Future cybernetic rules, d20 Cyberscape includes rules for installing cybernetics and playing cyborgs, as well as new advanced classes and . d20 Cyberscape is an expansion for the d20 Future supplement of d20 Modern. It adds more Cybernetics to accompany those.

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On a gaming basis, it’s stupid to penalize players for acquiring the very items that define the setting. D20 System supplements Science fiction role-playing games. Refresh and try again. Read more Read less. His Massive Damage Threshold has an extra 5 points, and should be It was out several years prior to Shadowrun and introduced cyber psychosis. The book presented a number of campaign models, cyberscaps provided a framework for building a full campaign setting but did not include a full-scale setting.

Due to its narrow focus and efficient content handling, this book definitely accomplishes its intended purpose. On top of that you cyberdcape be disarmed and lose programs, some programs self destruct when used, some other attack programs delete your existing programs, and so forth. It looks like it would be a time consuming headache to run. Immediately inside the cover is a title page containing just the title, author, and silhouettes of the three cover cybersczpe.

Necrotic implants are similar to standard cybernetics, but come from grafting undead parts onto a character. While this book changes a few rules from d20 Futurethe lack of detail in that book actually encourages these kinds of clarifications. Shadowrun was much more frustrating for the DM, the some of novels suggested that cyberware had a negative impact on your psyche and that you were destroying your soul but it wasn’t modeled in the game at all.


In keeping with the use of Replacements from d20 Futurethis book includes two prostheses that book failed to include, through ycberscape on PL 5 and up: This book shows that the official Shadowrun game I forget who’s putting it out now would’ve been killer ccyberscape the d20 rules. The first is the seemingly-required “hawt Asian chick” in a green suit, wielding a katana seemingly made of energy.

The cybernetic rules cover limiting or not limiting the amount of cyberware somebody can stick on them in a few simple ways. In addition, these rules are easy to mix and match.

And all the old cybernetic devices needed an update to show how they work with the new rules, so your guess there is as good as mine. A paperback book, but well worth the price. Rejecting this drone-like existence some people join gangs who in turn make up an underground rave community where they fight for individuality and freedom.

There are a surprising number of these and several of them are extremely powerful. ThinkBest works for me though your mileage may vary: Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. One frustrating omission There cyherscape no rule or rules set in the book that has substantive penalties for putting cyberware into your body.

d20 Cyberscape : A d20 Modern Supplement

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. The majority of the interior art is done by Grafiksismik’s Djief. However, since this book only contains one sample campaign, it is fleshed out more significantly than those books’ campaign models.

Errors The following errors occurred with your submission. So it’s definitely worth getting for the cost. It’s a minor quibble, but when this is clearly intended in the same line as d20 Past and d20 Apocalypseit’s still an inconsistency. Building on the d20 Future cybernetic rules, d20 Cyberscape includes rules for installing cybernetics and playing cyborgs, as well as new advanced classes and enhancements.


These are interesting concepts, if a bit overly focused for advanced classes. That’s pretty much an invention of Shadowrun; whether because they thought it was neat, or balancing, I don’t know.

Campaign models introduced include:. Body area slot maxima are a new rule, but no guidelines are given for adding body slot locations to cybergear present in d20 Future. Wizards of the Coast September 1, Language: Hook and Peg Leg.

Craft Cybernetics, Cybernetic Surgery and Cybertake, and one of which, Cybernetic Weapon Proficiency, is more limiting than the existing d20 Future rules, which allowed proficiency in the weapon to apply to cybernetic mounts and three advanced classes: Instead of the usual “brushed-metal” look exhibited by most d20 Modern products, d20 Cyberscape follows the lead of d20 Past and d20 Apocalypse in changing the background color scheme; this book’s choice is a very pale green covered with lines of very faint grey binary zeros and ones.

This supplement contains rules which expand on various weaponry and gadgets from d20 Future.

d20 Cyberscape : A d20 Modern Supplement by Owen K.C. Stephens

He appears to have 10 skill points unspent, though inefficient skill purchasing could account for that. If you like Kalman’s artyou’ll probably like this piece. Unfortunately the text is so information sparse that you wonder why they bothered. One feat is included, Street Broker, to affect gray wealth.